Tuesday, 11 February 2020


I have been playing Saga Age of Magic for a while now ... a great addition to the Saga games and has been a lot of fun.

Andrew had re-purposed his old 6th edition Chaos Fantasy army having to rebase all his models to fit on new round bases. He also made 2 Chariots for the army and painted up his Greater Daemon of Slannesh .. being his monster for the army. The end result looks great so thought I would share some photos.

The army is all designed to charge ... and charge hard !!   the chariots being my biggest worry as they get 8 base attacks on the charge !  armed with javelins as well ... very nasty and they can be activated as hero's. His magic is all geared up around his Sorcerer transforming into a almighty monster with the Transmutation spell so quite scary when that happens. The foot units all have heavy weapons hence the flails and great axe models being picked.  Overall a great army that has to do most of its damage in the first 3 turns as when the units get bogged down with fatigue they loose there effectiveness.

Above  - Champion and his mounted Warlord on a beast

Above  - Warlord on foot and his Sorcorer

The Greater Deamon of Slannesh

above Hearthguard models, below his mounted Hearthguard

The bulk of his army being the Marauder 
Warriors (foot and mounted) and his 2 chariots

Well, not much from me in the way of painting or modelling im afraid .... being summer I have no interest in indoor activities such as painting at the moment, but I still manage to play a game once a week with Andrew so its been good on that front ... mostly playing
Age of Magic Saga and Congo - always fun.