Thursday, 19 September 2019


I got my unit of Hounds for the Saxon force all painted and based up. The unit comprises of 7 hounds and pack master, but I got them in 2 packs of 3 hounds and master so I am assuming my unit is rather unruly and requires an additional man to keep em under control.

The special rules for the Hounds unit are rather cool, it counts and is activated as a warrior unit, their movement is M which can never be reduced (by fatigue) which is handy. Also and this is the best rule - during melee , both sides skip phase 3 of the combat, this means that skills and fatigue can not be used by either side ...........  very good as both sides must rely on their normal combat dice and nothing is added or reduced  - great if your opponent has loaded up on defensive melee skills and unable to use em ..

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