Sunday, 20 January 2019


I have been painting up an assortment of different units over the christmas break.....

To start with I got some a few German figures with a prize I won at the last tournament I had been too, so I thought I would paint them up in Finnish colours as they look very similar

I also got a German Gestapo figure ,  I will be using him as a Finnish Intelligence Officer or something similar - or maybe Andy could use him in his German army

Next up is a few Saga units ,  a witch and a rather naked looking chap which will do nicely as champion model 

Thursday, 17 January 2019


I have started to paint up my Vichy French Bolt Action army, thought it was best to start with the Renault R-35 tank ...... quite easy to paint up and come up rather well I think.

The R-35 was a heavy armoured tank for its time, but as a result its regarded as a slow tank (so moves 6") and also very much under gunned having only low velocity light AT gun, it was also only a 2 man tank so the commander would have to act as loader and gunner (in gaming terms this means you have to do an order test to advance even if the tank has no pin markers ..... but meh at least it looks good.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Andrew has been busy painting up some his Australians and got a few units all finished up and there looking great.

His Matilda Tank ...  pretty tough tank especially the flamethrower version . Andy has weathered up very well with all the mud in and around the sides of tracks and stuff,  also the guy at the back is the tank telephone they often used.

Next up is his fuzzy wuzzy Angels (as they were called) - native Papua New Guinea stretcher bearers to help his medic unit. love this model

Two Aussie HMG units 

Aussie Boys Anti-tank unit

Some native Papua New Guinea Infantry Units - led by the Aussie SMG NCO

One unit of Aussie Infantry all painted up and based ,  with a few more to be done. 

So far looking great, he still has a lot more to do but loving the jungle themed bases - I will post more when hes finished the army.