Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Finished off the last pieces of the Industrial buildings, being a factory type buildings.
I placed some rubble and building pieces within it, to give it a more bombed out feel to it.
I also cut away away some of the trusses to give easier access for models within....

I also painted up the 28mm Warlords stone bridge Andy got a while back

And I had repainted an old bridge we made way back in the 40k days ....
 come up rather well I think

Next up on the modelling table is my Desert themed Vichy French Bolt action force - I will have to start putting these together and get ready for the painting stages as I intend to be using this force for next year's Natcon Bolt Action force - as my good mate John Fletcher is running this event with Kapiti Coast club hosting the NZ Nationals next April,
so lots to do .......