Thursday, 18 October 2018


Finally finished painting and basing up the Jungle huts we had made a while ago now .... now its worthy of being on the tabletop in a Jungle themed Bolt Action game or a Congo based game.

Andy and myself made the huts from some 40mm and 65mm dia upvc pipe , the roofing was from some old window netts glued to some coned cardboard base, which come up really well I think. We hot glued the pipe to some mdf board and then it was a simple matter of placing some filler to the sides and some extra netting material to give it some variety.

I hand made the pots with some modelling clay that sets by putting it in the oven, easy to use and sculpt, some are a tad big, but not too bad considering it was my first time using clay so overall quite happy with how they come out . Now I only need to paint up the children and mothers Congo miniatures set and place them within and around the huts so it will look more the part. ......

Well there you go, some easy peasy jungle huts all done and dusted
Next up some industrial ruin terrain.

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