Friday, 26 October 2018


Andy and myself have been busy constructing, basing and painting up our Industrial Ruin mdf buildings kit. It doesnt look like much in the photos but they took a while to complete. The easy part was making them, quickly snapping together the pieces with a little PVA glue on each side

The tricky and some what time consuming job was placing all the rubble and stuff around the edges to make it a little more messy. We also put in some extras such as tire wheels, rafter frames, oil drums etc.

The painting part was fun but also a little harder than I thought it was going to be but I think it come up rather well.

The base kit, snapped together and glued with PVA

We added some rubble parts,dirt and such

Then we plastered the joins (as seen in the first photo) as these looked rather ugly
just covered it up with some sand glued on.

Well there you have them, overall quite happy with the results, now we have only to do two factory buildings as well and also some little clumps of ruins so we can space between the buildings and down the roads and such to break it up a little more, so hopefully get these done as well and post some photos.

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