Wednesday, 11 July 2018


There must be another tournament coming up, as the brush has seen some paint this week I'm going to be playing in a 1000point Bolt Action tournament this weekend being Panzershrek XVIII in Palmy

It will be the good to get back to Panzershrek this year having missed it last year, I will be playing a themed 1939 Winter War Finnish Bolt Action army - so all early war goodness.

My list has a First Lieutenant , a standard Regular 9 man Winter war rifle squad with tough fighters ability added  , 3 units of Veteran Sissi squads (6 men in each) all on ski's with tough fighters and master of the hunt ability's - these will form the backbone of my army, rather small units but with being able to move and then turn into ambush dice in the same turn they are very good. I have taken the standard Medium Machine gun and Medium Mortar squad and the Anti-tank Rifle squad.  I have to take the Sniper option in my list with his Master of the Hunt rule as its very nice at killing nasty units such as flamethrowers ......  I then round the list out with the Medium Howitzer, a captured BA-10 armoured car and my little Vickers 6-ton twin MG turret Tankette  !!    giving me 12 platoons in total.

As you can see not a lot of AT assets there with the biggest being the howitzer at +5, then the BA-10 with its light AT +4  and then the little AT rifle being +2  ..... but meh its all about the infantry skiing about ambushing the right units and doing my best to flank the heavy tanks perhaps .... not too worried.

So onto the painting I have done

The BA-10 armoured car

Vickers 6-ton twin MG turrets in Finnish tri-colour camouflage

T-34/76 Sotka Meduim tank

The only thing left to do now is the KV-1 tank and my Finnish force is all done,
hopefully will get this done after the tournament as rather enjoying tank painting at the moment -  thinking of a whitewash perhaps.

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