Tuesday, 10 July 2018


With it being a horrible weekend Andy and myself thought it was time to play a game of bolt action.  I decided to use a Winter War 1939 Finnish list, so a fair amount of Veteran elite infantry units backed up by a outdated Vickers 6-ton tankette and the BA-10 amoured car...... meanwhile Andy was using his Late War some what reluctant German list of inexperienced green troops with the mighty Panther in support, a sdkfz 222 armoured car and 150mm Nebelwerfer.

We decided to play the mission where you have to get the one objective in the center of table off your board edge to win -  sorry forgot the name .

End of turn one (units arrive from table edge)  - I am in the forefront with BA-10 car, 2 units of Sissi infantry and 105mm artillery on left side with Vickers tank, sniper in center building with Lieutenant and Reg inf unit center, MG in center right , and Mortar and Sissi unit on right.    Andys units arrive on the far table side being his green Fallchirmjager units on the left with his Lieutenant. Flamethrower behind the hedge next to his Panther, then his Kreigsmarine unit and the Nebelwerfer on the hill ... the 222 and field police are still in reserve.

I push my infantry units up towards the small house, and the Sissi towards the forest for support fire.  my Sniper takes out a unit commander (score!)
Andys Panther kills two of my MMG guys and pins them down. His Flame thrower unit moves behind the big barn building.

My BA-10 throws lots of MG fire at his left unit of green Infantry taking out half the unit
 they think that is enough and decide to run off , this has left Andys CO in precious position out in the open .... but he manages to escape later the following turn .... 

The Panther gets preoccupied with trying to knock out my MMG and Mortar teams while giving hard cover to Kreigsmarines ...... with this I decide to move my Vickers tank up the center to force the issue and proceed to take out 6 out of 10 of his green troops advancing. 

Turn 3 - Andy has a very good turn here ... he gets the first two dice from the bag ... 
Andys Nebelwerfer aims at the house were my CO and Sniper are residing .(not good) I decide to go down with the Sniper .... of course he rolls to hit and misses everything in range but the Sniper team .... and he manages to kill both guys .... I dont like rocket Mortars I have decided, there not very good but Andy has a knack of rolling 6's when he wants them

Andy's Panther then advances down the street and proceeds in punching a great hole in the side of my little tankette blowing it up.  

Andys 222 armoured car arrives and shoots into the forest into my Sissi ski unit , 
the Kreigsmarines also shoot into their as well,  but they stand firm.

Turn 4 , now did I mention I dislike Nebelwerfers, well they are just plain horrible, just horrible I tell you. Andy aims it into my 6 man Sissi Ski units out in the road .....
he naturally rolls a 6 of course, killing 3 of them, and then also just clipping the unit behind - rolls yet another 6,  killing all 6 in the unit  !!!!   what are the odds I ask you
Andy was bent over in a laughing fit at my dismay, I must admit it 
was rather funny though ... LOL

After that I got my revenge as Andy moves his flamethrower up to take the 
objective and proceeds to flame a few regular riflemen of mine, 
but they pass their morale in good spirits .. haha
I then move my Lieutenant's unit up into hand to hand 
well Andy wasn't expecting that ,,,  the flamethrower is killed and I get to 
consolidate 5" bringing the objective with me to sneak behind a 
building out of the way of Panther .

Andy thinks that was a good idea and decides to rush his own Lieutenant into combat with my now 2 man unit of Sissi, with his tough fighters rule he rolled his dice and missed (haha),
 I rolled my two in return and it kills him .....

The Next turn see's my Lieutenant running away closer to the table edge, in hot pursuit are Andy's Kreigsmarines blazing away with thier LMG and rifles, but somehow he managed to survive the fire. The Panther fires point blank into my Reg troops killing several and placing a fair number of pins on them .... I had no option but to rally them . 
Andy moves his 222 car around the tree line and kills the mortar team and then the next turn he kills the last MMG team member .... not good for me.

I then move my BA-10 car up behind the Panther .. I hit the rear armour but sadly 
only manage to pin it

The following turn it was all on a dice roll, if I managed to get mine first my CO would leave the table handing me the win , if it was Andys he would more than likely kill me this time.
.............  it was my dice so the win was mine.

A great game ,  we ended up killing 5 units each, so quite the blood bath

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  1. I LOVE Nebelwerfers, i just LOVE them favorite weapon to use in bolt action