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Congo -  a fun late 1800's century 28mm skirmish game (from the makers of Saga Studio Tomahawk) set in the wild Jungles and Savannah's of Africa.

Congo is a 2 player game that is played on a 4' x 3' foot table. There are 4 types of warbands to choose from being : The Whiteman Expeditions, Sultanate of Zanzibar, Forest Tribes and the African Kingdoms. Each player has between 70 points and 100 point warbands (about 30 models) that are lead by 2 characters such as the Retired Officer, or even a Witchdoctor.

The difference with Congo is that you have set cards to choose your different actions with, be it movement, shooting, rallying, or intimidating the enemy. Each game turn has 3 phases and a card activation must be played each phase, but you have to pick all 3 cards at the very start of each turn, depending on the card you pick at the beginning of the turn is the outcome of the gaming turn. The cards also have an initiative number on the top as well, so you may want to move 3 units but being a low initiative you may be doing this after your opponents more vital shooting action - all depends on whats more important at the time.

The easy thing with this game is that all shooting and melee hits are worked out on a 5+ to hit ,  so your basic units will use a D6 dice, others will use a D8 dice, and the Elite will use a D10 dice .... so all too easy

I have collected the Whiteman Expedition of course, with an Old English Retired Officer leading some British gentlemen explorers and to accompany him, they have a small unit of Sikh Rifle armed Soldiers and some Askari Musketmen with a few native scouts - you could say my force is more geared up around shooting the enemy - while Andy being more intent on melee damage.

 Andy has gone the Forest Tribes with a Pygmy King and Witch doctor being his lead characters, accompanying them he has Pygmy warriors and Pygmy archer units, some Cannibal warriors and Young warriors armed with captured muskets.

We played a fun game on Saturday night,  so a bat report of the game

Deployment - my Whitemen explorers in the forefront with 
Andys Forest Tribes on the far side, deserted village in middle - well with the 
exception of some random sheep here and there.

A not so good start for me  (as when someone enters a piece of terrain, you roll on a random events table) with Andys small pygmie archers entering some jungle cover the rain clouds formed overhead and a torrential downpour happened...... all my gunpowder weapons get soaked so not fire for a turn and my muskets get a reload marker ... Andy is laughing as he has no such sophisticated weaponry

Andy makes use of this turn to move up as he knows I cant shoot !
Andys left wing, with cannibals, Hunters and Young warriors moves up into the terrain

Andys Chieftain with Married Warriors and some more Young Warriors on the right flank 

Andys Witch doctor decides to go into a ritual dance to provide him some handy totem card,
but the Witchdoctor gets carried away with it all, and just maybe has too many of those nasty shrooms and slips into a befuddled state .....  for game purposes he counts as dead, for some reason Andy has a knack of overdosing his witch doctor characters, as he has done it in 3 straight games now .... 

The downpour ends and my Adventurers waste no time in shooting their
 rifles down at some Young warriors, some of them go down

Andys Cheiftain with his bodyguard of tribal men charge into my Native warriors 
and they bash them up good and proper killing 2 of them and making them retreat, ouch!
That tribal chieftain is quite good in combat

My Scouts charge into some wee pygmie archers ,  slippery buggers get away
and kill one of my scouts ....... 

My Askari shoots thier loud muskets into some men yonder, scaring them 
(muskets places an extra panic on units it shoots at)  but at a cost as they must 
spend their next action round reloading ... 

Andy does a terror test on my archers in a bamboo wood , and the outcome is good, I draw an animal token .. A mighty Gorilla gets placed in a piece of terrain of my choosing
so he gets placed nice and close to the Cannibal unit ...... the Cannibals seem to like this however and see off the gorilla ,  well that didnt work !!

My Adventurers are being charged by the Chieftain and his bodyguards , I kill two and Andy hits me 3 times killing two of them, BUT the Adventurers have a cool rule , when they loose two of thier men due to shooting or melee damage, they can take a extra panic token to cancel on of the hits ...........  very good

The next couple of turns sees my archer unit kill more men, but my Askari unit does very well and kills a unit of men, but in return Andys Hunters and also his wee Pygmy archers are having a field day dishing out poison darts/arrows among my units -  you don't get any cover saves with poisoned shots ..... my Elite Solider unit (of 4 men) 
gets killed in one volley from the Hunters . A terrible blow to the British Expedition

Andys Cannibals must be getting hungry !!  as they charge the adventurer's, and as I have 2 melee panic tokens on my unit, they are left quite defenseless so are quickly killed ..... they spend some time eating their fill causing some panic in nearby troops of mine ..... 
bunch of Savages !!! 

I shoot my archers at Andys Hunters and 3 of them are killed -  thank goodness for that as they were becoming quite troublesome 

The final turn see me finishing off the unit of hunters but there's no stopping those cannibals as they charge into another unit ..... End of game.

 Well Andy had a good start , I had a good middle section and then Andy's Hunters and Cannibals mopped up the late game giving Andy a small win on points , losing my Solider unit early on and then my Adventurer's after this, cost me dearly I think as they have a very good D10 rifle dice on hand.

So all in all a fun afternoon of Congo gaming.  Love these miniatures and the simplicity of this game.

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