Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Fantasy Flight Games have brought out a new 28mm skirmish minatures game being Star Wars Legion ,  and I must say it looks epic

 I have been reading up and watching a couple of UTube clips about it and so far it looks like a very well thought out skirmish game, I think it hits our stores around late March next year so I will be looking forward to it 

The miniatures they have released so far look very good, I can see myself going the Empire side as the AT-ST model is simply awesome and the speeder bikes look very cool.
The rebel troopers also look top notch

Here are some pics I found

Stormtroopers with some heavy weapons

These rebel trooper guys look great - love the commander in the cloak

The rebels with their AT-RT walker

The AT-ST looks massive -   its empire side for me thanks !

Luke and Darth

So all you Star Wars fans have a look into it - as I cant wait to see this on the tabletop.

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