Friday, 3 November 2017


Well I have been busy painting up my White Mans Expedition Congo force as I wanted to get it all done and dusted now that Andy has finished his. They have come up quite well I think and with lots of varied unit types in the army it was quite a fun process to paint which is always good ... as painting can be a chore at times !

The other reason I got it all painted in a timely fashion was that Andy and myself were invited by a friend of ours to showcase a few demonstration wargames at a local bookshop in Featherston called Messines Bookshop, a great little shop that sells and trades all types of military books, recommend heading over to check it out or go to there website perhaps. We thought we would demo a game each of Congo and Saga.
The day was a lot of fun with the locals popping in and checking out the miniatures and gaming mechanics  The White men winning the game of Congo and then a very close game of Saga between my Saxons verses Andy's Scotti (Strathclyde) with Andy just winning by 2 points .... I had a good early game but once Andy's off table units come on it got away from me. After the games we ended up in the local RSA for quick beer, some fish & chips and then off to play some board games before heading back to the Valley.... so a very good day out in the Wairarapa.

Righty o then lets see some photos of my White Mans Expedition force, first up is the Retired officer who's in charge of this expedition. Love this model ... a fat old British gentleman with a big mustache trying to relive his old days by going out into the Congo wilderness.  His special rule is that the unit he leads may re-roll all ones on their to hit dice for shooting and melee - so very handy.

The other character I tend to use is the Reporter or Scientist, which this model can fulfill both roles I think

A must for the expedition to be good is the cargo bearer lads, when attached they make a unit ignore all movement stress penalties and can help with bulky items

My best unit is my Soldiers, these ones are Indians, well trained with a D10 Rifle , offering a added bonus as they ignore all shooting stress penalties
Very nice model sculpts and were fun to paint up.

I have a unit of Adventurers. Another collection of great looking model sculpts, especially the man in the middle, its like he got up in the morning and thought it was too hot - can just imagine the retired officer yelling - "PUT SOME PANTS ON MAN ! .this is a British expedition , we must look our best "  ...
This unit also has a unique but very cool rule and comes in handy only being a 3 man they can take two stress to cancel a wound... yep thats cool.

Two units of Trained Askari are next , armed with D8 Rifles these are the core of the force, I also sometimes combine them and run just one unit of normal Askari with muskets as these are quite good at dishing out stress to the enemy especial with the Ruga Ruga's

The Ruga Ruga unit is good unit, as they have D8 dice across the board armed with  muskets. Slight downside would be they frighten easily, as only D6 on terror tests...

I also took a unit of archers, now they only have a D6 Bow and D6 Melee dice but when you have the Retired officer leading them they can be quite useful as they re-roll all ones to hit

And last but not least is a small unit of Scouts, an essential unit to any white man expedition to guide them through the jungles of Congo. - love how these turned out with the shields and feathers

Well there you have it ... my Congo Force all done.
Now back to painting more Finns for Bolt Action army as another little tournament in December to go to.