Thursday, 12 October 2017


With the Congo miniatures we got we also bought a animal pack that contains some Lions, some Gorillas and the Rhino, I managed to finish off the remaining Gorilla model that needed to be done , giving us a pair of Gorillas ready for Congo games that we play quite regularly these days. Why they sent two of the same posed gorillas is beyond me, but oh well. Andrew had managed to paint the Lions up while painting his Forest Tribe miniatures - these lions prowl the plains of the Savannah in the Congo and can be quite horrible to come across in the game.... but they do look good. I think you will agree !

I have also been busy painting up some sheep models/bases that I intend to use for my Saga Escort missions,  I think they will do nicely,  and a vast improvement to my attempt of home made wagon carts -  one person in particular would agree !

some lions attacking the sheep !  

I have also finished off another unit of Congo miniatures being my Ruga Ruga men , these are a local unit that the British Expedition force employs that are equipped with Muskets, not as powerful as rifles as you have to reload, but panics a unit that it shoots at .. so quite effective.

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