Thursday, 19 October 2017


Andy has finished painting his Forest Tribes Congo Army
and he has done a great job on them.


Leading his Faction is the Pygmy King (with one of his wives accompanying him)  he leads his men well as his special rule is that for as long as he is alive all the Pygmies have a D10 bravery

Andy's other main character is his Witch-doctor - really like the way Andy has painted this model up with the crazy eyes look !  for when he does his ritual sorcery (its all mumbo jumbo to my Whitemen explorers faction I can tell you that much)

He has one other character model (for when he isn't leading Pygmy warriors) and thats his Chieftain model, this plump warrior looks like he has had all the comforts of being the Chief far too long , great model !  His special rule is quite good as he can draw two totem cards at the start of each turn (instead of one)

The Core of his army are 2 units of Pygmy Archers - nasty little blighters with their poison arrow tips ... and being so tiny they can hide quite easily as they can not be targeted if in high area terrain unless within 6" .... very handy skill

Andy has a unit of Pygmy Warriors which also nasty little buggers with their harassment skill they have as they get to shoot before they charge at you !

Then there's the Cannibals !  a truly horrible thought for the Whitemens Expedition plump retired officer - as these savages lock eyes with you - thinking of their lunch quite literally

A unit of Warriors , these are the core of the tribes men, wearing scary face masks to frighten the enemy ..... not that this Englishman is scared of such things .. what what
Very cool figures and love the paint job on these guys.

Two units of Young Warriors, these are young lads that have to prove their worth in battle before the tribe accept them in the warrior class .... after all who wants to be lumped with the boring gatherer's ....

Then there's the small but very deadly Hunters unit, these guys look very cool in their warpaint  ... Photo is a tad blury sorry

 And last but not least their is the fancy lads of the Tribe... all dressed up to the hilt in feathers and beads .... its the Scared Warriors of the Tribe ... these can be horrible to face if you have stress tokens on your unit as they get extra attacks/shots.

Well there you have it a very good Congo army ...... hopefully get some of my units done this week and next as we are heading over to the Wairapara to put on a demo game of this , should be quite fun.

Thursday, 12 October 2017


With the Congo miniatures we got we also bought a animal pack that contains some Lions, some Gorillas and the Rhino, I managed to finish off the remaining Gorilla model that needed to be done , giving us a pair of Gorillas ready for Congo games that we play quite regularly these days. Why they sent two of the same posed gorillas is beyond me, but oh well. Andrew had managed to paint the Lions up while painting his Forest Tribe miniatures - these lions prowl the plains of the Savannah in the Congo and can be quite horrible to come across in the game.... but they do look good. I think you will agree !

I have also been busy painting up some sheep models/bases that I intend to use for my Saga Escort missions,  I think they will do nicely,  and a vast improvement to my attempt of home made wagon carts -  one person in particular would agree !

some lions attacking the sheep !  

I have also finished off another unit of Congo miniatures being my Ruga Ruga men , these are a local unit that the British Expedition force employs that are equipped with Muskets, not as powerful as rifles as you have to reload, but panics a unit that it shoots at .. so quite effective.

Monday, 2 October 2017


Earlier last month my brother and myself went on a holiday to Hawaii for 10 days -
plenty of beaches, swimming in 30° plus heat , we also flew to the big Island for 5 days and hired a car there so we got to see most of the volcanic areas on the island which was good to see.- black rock and dried lava flows everywhere !

In Honolulu we made the visit to Pearl Harbor and we went to the Arizona memorial and stood over the sunken ship, they had a WW2 veteran on hand to ask questions where he explained what was now seen above the waterline, and where the ship was hit - it was quite a lucky Japan dive bomber that hit the Arizona as its bomb hit and penetrated through the deck right between the forward big guns , this happens to be where the ship is at its most vulnerable as it is where the Powder magazine is held.

you can see the turrets in black that were damaged,
the Japanese dive bombers bomb hit right in between the two turrets.

A map showing the damaged/sunk ships during the attack on Pearl harbour

 As well as the Arizona memorial and the pearl harbor displays there are 3 other main attractions to see at the Pearl harbor center, theirs the Pacific Submarine Museum featuring the Bowfin Sub, The Missouri Memorial with "Might Mo" Battleship, and also the Pacific Aviation Museum.  Now with having been to Battleship Cove in Boston a few years ago and going aboard the Massachusetts Battleship we just decided on a visit to the Aviation Museum.

The first thing you see once arriving at the aviation museum is the red and white striped control tower "as seen from the Pearl harbor movie" where the ground crew setup an ambush and shoot down a zero with small arms fire ......

The Aviation Museum is split into two hangers , one where most of the planes are held and the other is where they work on the restoration of the planes,  they even have the original glass in tact showing the bullet holes where the japs shot at the hanger.

They have a fair number of WW2 and modern planes on display within the hanger ranging from a B25-B Mitchell similar to the ones used in the Doolittle raid on Japan, a SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber, a F4F Wildcat, a P-40 Warhawk, and also a restored Japanese Zero that crash landed on the Hawaiian island of Niihau

Japanese Zero plane

P-40 Warhawk

Dauntless Dive Bomber

B-25B Mitchell

F4F Wildcat

Mig of some sort

Currently restoring a B-17 Flying Fortress

A P-38 Lightening Cockpit (without the wings each side)

Bullet holes in the original Hangers windows
So all up a great day at the Pearl Harbour sites,