Friday, 18 August 2017


I have finally got some paint on some of my Congo figures.

I've decided to go a British Whiteman explorers faction with a Retired Officer in charge - imagine a fat old British gentleman with big moustache trying to relive his old days by taking a expedition into the Congo wilderness ..... yes that's the faction for me - reminds me of Gerneral Melchett from Blackadder goes forth,   ...  BAAH

Andy has decided to go for the Jungle tribes faction (typical)  with a large amount of small Pygmy warriors/archers lead by a Pygmy King, he also has some Cannibal warriors and a Witchdoctor preforming his rituals -  Savages the lot of them I say .. baah !!

We have played a few games now and have to say that I am really enjoying this game, there's always a laugh to be had that's for sure,  once Andy and myself get a few more figures painted up I will endeavor to do a battle report no doubt.

I must say the figures were lovely to paint, very clean and great sculpts, got them from Wargames Foundry miniatures, it was a tad hard trying to get the dark skin colour right but I think they have come out quite good so far and have enjoyed painting them.

Righty o then , on with the painting pic's
 First up are the cargo bearer troop, these are auxiliary's that can join any of my units, and by doing so the group can ignore a movement stress token, so can be quite handy at times

Next up is my Askari units, you can either take them as trained Askari or just the plain Askari bunch, the trained have better morale and are better in melee, but also are armed with rifles , while the plain Askari unit have the old Muskets .  I can run them as either but I tend to prefer Muskets as they apply stress tokens on their target when firing.

Next on the painting table is a unit of archers and some RugaRuga musketmen.  so looking forward to them, thought I would get all my African units done first and then concentrate on the few Whitemen units that I have last. The good thing about the Congo game, your force has about 25 to 35 figures which is good as you can finish a painted force quite quickly.

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