Thursday, 22 June 2017


There's a Bolt Action one day tournament being held at the Kapiti Wargaming Club on the start of July, its only 800 point lists which is nice as I have a lot of models to paint before then.  The umpire has said that unpainted models are ok to use but I will try and paint most of them as there's nothing worse than looking at unpainted models ....

So I have had to push aside my Saga Moor Figures for the mean time, and now been busy painting up some Finnish models. So far I have completed my Lieutenant, a handful of ski equipped men (not shown above as I have yet to place snow effect),  my Machine-gun team, Mortar Team, Anti-tank Team, and my Sniper Team on ski's

They came out very good I think, and the models were a pleasure to paint, very nice sculpts and have found myself enjoying painting once again (instead of it being treated as a chore I must do .... ) also its been a lot of fun in the base making of these models with the snow effects and tuffts etc

The man in charge -  Is it just me or has he got a big nose ! 

Sniper Team ... on ski's

Small AT gun team

MMG Team

Meduim Mortar Team

Mortar Spotter/observer

My Finnish list is going to based on the early 1939-40 Winter War period  ..... so lots of ski equipped men, only light AT options and machine guns ! and even the little T-26a with its twin turret MG's will be making an appearance for good measure .... as it will come in handy against any Russian army I might face. My two core Infantry platoons will be the Elite Sissi troops. These guys could ambush from anywhere being able to ski silently into position causing mayhem and striking fear into any invading Russians

800 points List - Finnish Winter War Theater 
2nd Lieutenant    with pistol    Veteran   65points

Sissi Platoon -  NCO (with SMG) and 8 men (with Rifles)     Veteran     146points
all with Tough Fighters option and equipped with Ski's

Sissi Platoon -  NCO (with SMG) and 8 men (with Rifles)     Veteran     146points
all with Tough Fighters option and equipped with Ski's

Meduim Machine-Gun    equipped with ski's       Veteran   69points

Sniper Team    equipped with ski's     Veteran     74points

Meduim Mortar Team     add Spotter Team            Veteran     75points

Light Anti-Tank Team   Veteran   60points

Tankette     T-26a tankette    Regular   70points

Armoured Car      BA-10 Armoured Car    Regular   95points

So the List has a total of Nine command Dice... unsure whether its a good or bad thing, means I get more chances of pulling my dice out of the bag I guess - so can't be too bad !

The beauty with the Sissi infantry units is that they have a unique special rule that allows them to use advance order dice but with added bonus if they didn't shoot they can then switch the dice into an ambush dice............  this combined with the Finnish army Trained Marksman rule where I get to re-roll morale and add +1 to all my Rifle shots when in ambush is very good indeed. 

Being its my first ever Bolt Action Tournament and only having played 4 or so games total, I am going into this one with no expectations what so ever, with learning a thing or two being the name of the game here.


  1. They look awesome mate - some inspiration for me to get on to my winter Germans.

  2. Cheers Bede, it was a great tournament - I had 2 draws and lost one but a I learnt heaps and also won the best army prize and Andy won best painted with his germans so both of us come away with a prize , so all good.