Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Well lets some up the summer weather shall we over the Christmas period  ... Shitty with a side of shitty  ..... , so with that explained Andy and myself had found some time to get some terrain made - Jungle Terrain !!

We decided to make jungle terrain as we have both been playing a new miniatures game being CONGO , a fantastic and really fun 28mm skirmish game from Studio Tomahawk (makers of Saga) where 2 players (with choice of 4 factions) fight in the jungles and Savannah lands of Africa. I will be posting more on this game a little later.

The other reason we decided on the Jungle terrain was that Andrew has got some new Aussie Bolt Action figures for his new Papua New Guinea army based on the Kokoda trail. He has got some native figures to go with them (looks great with big fuzzie hair) these will look great when gets around to painting them.

Some photos of the overall table showing some of the terrain we have made
Works well with the saga board, ponds and river we have already got made up.
These photos showing a typical Congo game setup.

So with some materials : 3mm MDF board, a Hot glue gun, a pack of bbq skewers, a assortment of aquatic plants, bark nuggets from the garden and some old twigs from the beach.  right we are all set to make some terrain then and some resene paint test pots.

First up we have some dense high area terrain that we like to think of as a thick bamboo/vine thicket, we made these by drilling BBQ skewers into a 3mm mdf base and then basing with tea bag leaves (looks like a thick leaf base) and then painting (very hard to paint the bamboo trunks once all glued in !! so I recommend doing this before hand)  and then we applied all sorts of vine type aquatic trees up the trunks and some fern types at the base.

Now you could either make it impassable terrain that blocks line of sight (which works very well, as long as there isnt too many of them, or you could place a green felt below and lift when troops go inside the area. overall very happy how these turned up.

This photo above is a smaller bamboo version of the first ones we made, same effect except the aquatic leaves we used had a central hole, so simply placed one or two on the stick and glued in place, easy and effective

The next one is simply a stick that we found at the beach, chop to length, drill some holes and place some fern type aquatic leaves, and wolla ! you have cool looking Balboa/Fern type tree - well almost ....
Next is some smaller pieces that can be scattered around

Photo of some water reeds that are common in the wetlands of the Jungle. This one was easy - simply take a old broom/brush and pull out the bristles (they should some out as one piece as they have a wire end to them),  drill some holes in mdf , base and paint ... they come up very well and look good with the river and ponds we have.

We intend to make some African Huts (enough for a small village)  and also some pieces for a Savannah table as Congo games can be played either in the jungle or plains of Africa, so hopefully have these done soon.

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