Thursday, 22 June 2017


There's a Bolt Action one day tournament being held at the Kapiti Wargaming Club on the start of July, its only 800 point lists which is nice as I have a lot of models to paint before then.  The umpire has said that unpainted models are ok to use but I will try and paint most of them as there's nothing worse than looking at unpainted models ....

So I have had to push aside my Saga Moor Figures for the mean time, and now been busy painting up some Finnish models. So far I have completed my Lieutenant, a handful of ski equipped men (not shown above as I have yet to place snow effect),  my Machine-gun team, Mortar Team, Anti-tank Team, and my Sniper Team on ski's

They came out very good I think, and the models were a pleasure to paint, very nice sculpts and have found myself enjoying painting once again (instead of it being treated as a chore I must do .... ) also its been a lot of fun in the base making of these models with the snow effects and tuffts etc

The man in charge -  Is it just me or has he got a big nose ! 

Sniper Team ... on ski's

Small AT gun team

MMG Team

Meduim Mortar Team

Mortar Spotter/observer

My Finnish list is going to based on the early 1939-40 Winter War period  ..... so lots of ski equipped men, only light AT options and machine guns ! and even the little T-26a with its twin turret MG's will be making an appearance for good measure .... as it will come in handy against any Russian army I might face. My two core Infantry platoons will be the Elite Sissi troops. These guys could ambush from anywhere being able to ski silently into position causing mayhem and striking fear into any invading Russians

800 points List - Finnish Winter War Theater 
2nd Lieutenant    with pistol    Veteran   65points

Sissi Platoon -  NCO (with SMG) and 8 men (with Rifles)     Veteran     146points
all with Tough Fighters option and equipped with Ski's

Sissi Platoon -  NCO (with SMG) and 8 men (with Rifles)     Veteran     146points
all with Tough Fighters option and equipped with Ski's

Meduim Machine-Gun    equipped with ski's       Veteran   69points

Sniper Team    equipped with ski's     Veteran     74points

Meduim Mortar Team     add Spotter Team            Veteran     75points

Light Anti-Tank Team   Veteran   60points

Tankette     T-26a tankette    Regular   70points

Armoured Car      BA-10 Armoured Car    Regular   95points

So the List has a total of Nine command Dice... unsure whether its a good or bad thing, means I get more chances of pulling my dice out of the bag I guess - so can't be too bad !

The beauty with the Sissi infantry units is that they have a unique special rule that allows them to use advance order dice but with added bonus if they didn't shoot they can then switch the dice into an ambush dice............  this combined with the Finnish army Trained Marksman rule where I get to re-roll morale and add +1 to all my Rifle shots when in ambush is very good indeed. 

Being its my first ever Bolt Action Tournament and only having played 4 or so games total, I am going into this one with no expectations what so ever, with learning a thing or two being the name of the game here.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


I have been busy painting again,  with my Moor Saga army getting some much needed attention this time.

Overall force so far that is painted

I have completed the mounted Warlord and some 20 Spear armed Warriors ..... overall quite happy with how the Warlord looks and with the warriors in their earthy tones and patterned robes. The shields were all hand painted and I think look the part quite well.

The Warlord - I do wish he could have the option of being on foot ...

One unit of Warriors with the Naffatun in the rear

The second unit of Warriors

Some Levy Crossbowmen never go a miss

To finish off the army I have now only got another 20 foot warrior models to finish off and some 8 Horse mounted Hearthguard models and then Moors Saga force will be all complete - as I have already done the Naffatuns, Priest and Levy Crossbowmen middle last year  ..... so a fair bit to go but motivation is high to finish these to get another complete force done and dusted

My brother has also been painting up some Saga units for his Mutatawwi'a force (we just call them Mutts as its easier to say !! )  He has finished 16 Warrior bowmen figures and 24 Spear armed Warriors and had decided on a more dark colour palette for his force which works very well I think .
He also has models to finish being his Warlord and some mounted hearthguard figures - but his being the funky Camel option ... so much cooler than horse's in my opinion ...  the only way for my Moors to gain camels is by the way of Bedouin scouts , so I could be very tempted to field this option when he's finished painting them up ...... ah well what are brothers for if not to borrow models from !

Andy's overall Mutatawwia force that's so far been painted

Some Bowmen Warriors

His three units of Spear armed Warriors

Also, with the local Saga gaming vibe beginning to wane around these parts , I thought it would be a good idea to run a Saga gaming day at the local club.  At first I thought about 8-10 players would be interested but no - I had a great response to the call of throwing Saga dice and managed to get 16 players signed up.

We battled with 6 point saga forces over the course of 3 games in which I split the field into two teams. The first game was a Battle of the Fords, followed by a Sacred Ground mission then some of them (the fast players) got to play a Kill the Warlord mission to finish the day on.

Most of the games were very hard fought over, with the Crusaders and Pagan Rus having a great battle for top spot at the end of the day. My brothers Spaniards had some great games doing what they do best (annoying thier opponents ! with their activation reactions a plenty) ... mean while my Moors also had 2 great wins as I played a Scots player with a Warlord and a WarPriest and unfortunate for him as he got stuck with my Doubts skill every turn .... haha  perfect !   the second game was again against a Scots player but my Naffatun units were next to perfect in this game dishing out some hurt all over the battlefield.

 I think overall the day was a resounding success,  and I will be keen on another Saga games day in the future perhaps, another positive is that I now have invitations to a few follow up games at other clubs in the area which is great stuff.... good to see that the Saga following is still strong, even if it does need a kick start every now and again.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Well I have done some painting at last,  its only two models but its a start
I painted up some wild animals for our Congo game we recently started playing.

First up is the Gorilla ... a somewhat scary creature to disturb in the jungle

The next one is the somewhat aggressive Rhino, always getting angry when distrubed - you have to watch for this one

Also, regarding painting, since its getting darker these days with winter not that far away, I have now promised myself to put aside one night a week to painting, and to motivate myself I have moved my painting stuff to Andrews house as I always found it more productive if you paint with some company while doing it.....

until next time.,

Friday, 3 March 2017


The new AETIUS & ARTHUR Saga book has finally landed and I must say it looks very good indeed. Some interesting factions and battleboard skills to digest over the next couple of weeks ..... the Britons and the Goths has sparked my interest, Andrew likes the look of the Huns and the Romans.
The Saxons look to be a fun army as well, with such abilities as Jeers (shooting reaction where upon the enemy receives as many fatigue markers as half the number of casualties you received)
The Britons are all geared up towards using skills for the Warlord and any unit that is within VS of him, for instance the Dux Bellorum skill you can activate the warlord as many times as you want until he gets exhausted.... very handy in the latter stages of the game .
My first impressions of the Picts battleboard looks a tad weak to me - I just thought they would be more about a fierce hit and run tactics, but their Warlord gets to roll around in a war chariot !! after playing with that option I might change my mind, as these look very cool indeed.

The book also has 3 new missions which is great, and also has rules where you can modify certain Viking age era factions to play within this time period, for example the Irish become the Scotti faction and uses the same battleboard and has only a small amount of weapon option changes - other factions include the Welsh, Franks, Strathclyde to name a few

The new book has a new campaign rule system that sounds great, have always wanted to run a decent campaign story line for Saga, offering more than a one off battle. The campaign is played over 6 games and has one faction being the defender and the other being the attacker, you get to spend campaign points on setting up your forces as well as defenses and also buildings that will help you defend your small base (the Romans defend against the Goths in the example in the book)

Andrew and myself had a game the other night (using proxy models) with myself using the Goths and Andrew using the Romans .  The Goths are going to take some time to get use to I must admit, as they are all about keeping their fatigue levels high, as their skills get better if they are so .... something that you usually want to get rid of, so you have to have reverse mind set in playing them, no resting units involved unless they are on the verge of exhaustion, and playing abilities that make the opposition not able to exploit your fatigue markers is a must

Andrew ended up absolutely smashing me in that game, I just had some really bad dice, as nearly every time I went into combat I fluffed all my dice, or Andrew had some fantastic saves.  For instance my Hearthguard unit charged into a small 4 man warriors unit and having something like 12 attack dice against his 4, I would loose 2 models to his one.....  just plain horrible, Andrew found it very funny.  I must admit though I didn't use my skills all that well in the first half of this game, but with some practice I see the Goths being a fun army to play with.

The Romans are a hard well rounded bunch in which Andy played very well, keeping his Impetus levels high and using a combination of offensive and defensive skills (that's Romans for you I guess)   The Roman Levy Ballista was very effective at killing Goth Warriors, after 3 rounds of shooting I had to send a unit of mounted Hearthguard to finish it off as it was just too painful to ignore
Summary of Goths faction options
We will hopefully have another proxy game this weekend where I intend to use the Britons or maybe the Saxons, against Andy's Hun force - hopefully the dice gods are with me in this game.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


Well its been a while but Andy finally got around to basing the diorama for his Storm trooper Figurine he started almost two years ago ... look here for a flashback.
He based it on Planet Endor battling those pesky little Ewoks, looks very good.

Hopefully he doesn't take another 2 years before he finishes the diorama base for Boba Fett figurine he has .....

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Well, Andrew has been painting again and has now finished his Bolt Action German tanks.
He has a small Hetzer tank, the Panther and a sdkfz 221 Armoured car - all painted in a whitewash paint scheme - looks great

First up is the overloaded Hetzer 38t - lovely wee tank

 The sdkfz 221 Armoured car 

The Mighty Panther Tank

He has also finished his Kriegsmarine infantry unit

Now I must get some of my own painting done ...... hes making me look bad !!