Tuesday, 13 December 2016


My brother and I, got some 4-ground buildings from a Mighty Ape sale the other week they had. It will make a nice addition to our multitudes of Saga games we are playing of late, love playing this game, and frankly not sure why other locals have given it up so easily .... its such a good game !

Right, the first pictures are of a couple of newAnglo-Saxon buildings which look very good I think, the smaller one is labelled as a hovel, while the other is a Saxon Dwelling.

My brother got a Viking Workshop long house to go along with his Viking house,  
now this building is impressive ! 
 complete with outside chairs and tables too  very cool

 Heres a shot with the roof off. I think Andy will eventually paint the base floor
but it looks good so far. 

The buildings are very easy to put together by just using PVA glue.  I will have to make up some new bases for them so we can play them in our Saga games (so we don't forget the 2" exclusion zones)

The next stage is to get some wattle fencing made up and maybe some hedges as well, so we get a Viking/Anglo-Danish village theme happening.- be good to get some farm animals and some wagons too at one stage ...... im thinking a great Christmas present for oneself.

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