Thursday, 17 November 2016


I have been busy the last week and have now finished my last lot of mounted cavalry Heathguard for my Milites Christi saga army.

I think they have come out rather well and quite pleased with them overall,  especially since they were a Franks force originally with me having brought them at bring and buy table...... now they are a Crusading Franks force with Milites Christi following. I may very well add some crossbowmen at a later stage to give it some shooting strength but I am keen to run it as is for the mean time and see how it all works out.
Hopefully get to play with it against one of my brothers saga armies soon and give a report on how well it goes.

So without further a do here are some photos of the entire army ......all finished at last

The Warlord on Horse

So on the weekend I plan on playing a game against my brothers Pagan Rus army..... you could say that the Pagan Rus are visiting the Constantinople shoreline and the Crusading Franks plan on a bible bashing visit against the vile Pagans .... GOD WILLS IT !


  1. These are the business, Mark! Your clever conversion that makes them quite unique. I hope they smash the Pagans in their debut this weekend.

    A buddy of mine runs Milites with 12 crossbowmen & a banner. To which I say "Ugh!"

    1. Cheers Monty, im hoping to smash those Pagans as well, my brother is rather good at using them, and being my first game with the Milites, it should be quite interesting