Tuesday, 22 November 2016


I have another local tournament coming up in early December

It is the inaugural club run tournament that will be run each year in December in memory of the great local Wargamer Nick Garden, that sadly past away late last year.  Each year the game format will change but we will all play for the Nick Garden Memorial Cup.

This year it is going to be a themed 1000point MidWar Flames of War tournament from North Africa Book.  YAY - I finally get to run my mid war American force !

There is a strict list building policy in place with the motto of
 "Be Like Nick, Don’t Be a Dick" 
which is great, hopefully no over the top power lists to be used  ... 

I am going to run a USA Infantry list , simply because I have never done so before now, and I have some stuff that I need to paint up for it. I have always liked to pick my American support vehicles that were used in Operation Torch, such as the great M3 75mm GMC half track tank destroyers and T30 75mm HMC howitzers ... both great looking models and rather cheap compared to the more commonly used M10 and Scott equivalent's
so here's the list I will be running

I have more than a few bazooka's in my list (eight in total in fact ! ), to take care of any tanks that are hard to deal with,  two of them are part of my HQ support option that I will probably attach to my 37mm AT platoon to give it a total of 6 bazookas , plant them on an objective and see if the tank armies can shift me !  and if I am attacking I will leave my guns behind in support fire mode and run my 7 man Bazooka filled platoon into tanks and use their tank assualt 4 to good effect,  should be fun.  Also got a sniper team, I haven't really used them that often so will be good to use one of them again. The Artillery battery of 105's is a new addition for me (having used the T19 HMC before), but with TOT it should be good to land a few shells on top of tanks.

Tank destoyers, Artillery, AT guns, massed Bazookas - should be a good all round list
(you will note that only one T30 is in photo - the other two are on painting table at the moment)

These M3 75mm GMC look the business
I have a fair amount of painting to do before the big day. As you can see from the photo's attached, I have to paint the ugly looking models I got from a bring and buy table to match my desert themed look. I should get all this done before December 10th.  Should be a good little tournament I think, hopefully it has a great turnout.  



  1. Looking good Mark. At the moment it doesnt look like im working so I should be there as well and my brother might come as well so should be good.

    1. Cheers John, be great to see you and your brother there, I think Warren is going as well so should be a fun saturday gaming