Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Last weekend my brother and I had another game of Saga. I choose to run Andy's Strathclyde Ponie force and with that Andy choosing his Bretons - so all mounted armies facing against each other - should be interesting.....

Now I have only played the pony force a couple of times before, but have faced against it a fair amount so had a decent idea of how the battle-board worked to make the most of the army. The battleboard skills are mostly geared up around melee (with no shooting in the army) with one deadly exception - the nasty harassment skill (shooting attack with 2 dice for every unit held off table and another 2 dice if it was a rare dice used - so a very nasty shooting skill with 8 dice within L of table edge)

The Ponies also get the Doomriders skill which is somewhat nasty melee skill - you get one attack and defense dice but also gain an additional attack and defense for every unit held off table .. now thats good...

We choose to play a normal kill the warlord mission, so I had went for a large 8xHearthguard unit (which I think was a mistake in hindsight facing Bretons) 2x units of 7 and one unit of 6  Warriors, I also had 3 units of 4x Warriors off table (so I could do my skills as mentioned above) Andy had 2 small units of Hearthguard with 4 units of 6 Warriors and big unit of Levy - his force is all javelin armed

I set my force up so that the Warlord, Hearthguard were centralized and Warriors were bunched on right and one extreme left. Andy did somewhat the same with Levy next to wheat field and Hearthguard lurking next to swamp.

Initial setup

Andy has the first turn and moves up multitudes of Warriors to send some pointy javelins my way and with the aid of his Brittany Forever skill (where he rerolls 1's and 2's) he finds his targets, and also his annoying Saint Kado skill whereupon if he kills he then places a couple of fatigue markers on the unit for good measure - not a great start.

I proceed to have my turn but after I have issued my orders Andy then uses his all directions skill and gets to move all his mounted units again ....  so off he trots back to where he come from, but with one exception where a unit of Warriors swings around my left flank ... well I take the bait and send my Hearthguard unit in to kill them off

My harassment skill has worked wonders with 8 dice in a shooting attack against a Warrior unit and down goes some Bretons

The next couple of turns see a flurry of action, so much so as I forgot to take any photos .... needless to say that Andy used his in all directions a few times to get out of harms way.

 I use my Swiftness shooting reaction skill to avoid some nasty Javelins, my Hearthguard charge into another Warriors unit but only to find Andy had his Backwards skill in place so no melee takes place and he casually retires from the fight... boo,  such woopsies these Bretons I tell you.   But even with a this amount evasive tactics going on the dead pool is looking somewhat busy for both sides, so a close game so far after 3 turns.

So in my turn, I have to bring one of my off table unit on the board (as they will count as dead if you haven't done so by the last turn) . I decide to charge my warlord to take out some of Andy's Warriors - now I did plan on moving up my warriors with him as a side by side bodyguard unit but Andy had other ideas as he used a fatigue marker and slowed their movement down (maybe a rest was advised first...oops) so it was left up to the Warlord to sort out matters, for which he killed 3 of them, although Andy hit twice, but I managed to save him (phew)

My Warlord is joined by his Warriors once more, But in Andy's turn his Warlord and retinue unit charge my Warriors next to my Warlord and with his "Fight" melee skill in place where upon he is allowed to shoot in the melee step (how rude ! ) and with his "Attack" and "Brittany Forever" skills also used down goes a unit of Warriors - I only manage to kill a few in return, but it has left my Warlord all by himself - not good !

Lucky he has no more activation's this turn as most of his dice went into skills 

The clash of Warlords .... well it looks good in the photo, but we fail to hit each other ... typical
So I am left with charging his Warlord with mine, as a Warlord's pride must be challenged !
I charge valiantly in using my Doomriders skill, but we must be both worn out as we cant seem to hit each other ........

So we are both left facing each other resorting to just shouting verbal insults
Andy decides to surround my warlord and shoot him off his horse, but I manage to save all hits. Far to the left side of the table my Hearthguard charge another unit of warriors and with the all impressive "Wild Charge" skill in place where you get an additional attack dice, needless to say they decimate the unit ... but Andy also has a fantastic round of dice and he manages to kill 3 of them ... boo

The end of the game came when Andy finally charges my Warlord with his own and he bested me as he could dish out my hits onto his retinue, where I was left with 3 hits with 2 of them failing to save.  So all in all a fantistic close game where the goal was to kill each others Warlord.  I may have been a tad reckless with mine but Andy made good use of my blunder and it sees him bag the win.  The Strathclyde force was a really fun force to play with, with some really cool skills,  as for them Bretons .... hmmm there good too.

Until next time