Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Well I got a tad bored of painting Milites Christi horses, but I have been busy and I have finished a unit of Levy Crossbowmen for my Moor Saga army. Overall quite happy how they turned out.  Some photos of the Crossbowmen

Also my order of Finnish Bolt Action stuff has finally arrived, so I will getting onto these shortly no doubt. Got myself another platoon of Ski equipped Finnish infantry, a High command Officer, a Forward Observer, and another tank being the Twin turret MG T-26a (should be some fun and it looks very cool) also a BA-10 armoured Car , which is a very coll looking model

I also picked up some vital head swaps, as my Finnish figures come with a mix of Finnish caps and Helmets , but they look very German-ish if there are too many figures with helmets fitted so think a few head swaps is the way to go .....

BA-10 Armoured Car , Twin turret T26-A  ,  T-34/76 (1940 model)
Photo of what I have put together already being :
37mm AT gun, Anti-tank Rifle team (surprised how long that barrel on that gun is) ,
an Infantry Platoon, HMG team (still needs glueing), Flamethrower, Panzershek team,
Sniper and Spotter, 82mm Mortar, Light Mortar team and the Officer

Heres whats still to be done, 2 platoons of ski troops and a big Howitzer team

So hopefully get onto these soon. I also have some Flames of War models to paint before another tournament coming up soon.

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