Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Played a Saga game the other night with my brother Andrew,  I played my Anglo-Saxons against Andy's Pagan Rus.  Andy had a Warlord, 1 unit of Hearthguard, 3 units of Warriors, 1 unit of Javelin armed Levy with some Steppe Nomad unit thrown in as well.  To combat this I had a Warlord, a Bard, 2 units of 10 Warriors, 1 unit of 4 Warriors and 3 units of Levy with spear and shields.

We played the "Across the Ford" mission, but set it up so that the river was an angle to make it something different. and also plonked down some terrain, marsh at one end of the river and some trees and building to make it interesting.

Initial setup, Saxons in the front with Pagus Rus on the far side, majority on the right side
Saxons get the first turn and move quickly up and onto the right side ford, Andy stopped me doing the same on the other side with his annoying Frozen skill.
Andy cautiously moves his Rus units up toward each ford, and the Steppe unit annoys me with a hail of arrows
I get Saxon kingdoms skill (that's the skill where all my Levy units turn into 
Warriors = awesome) and I charge into the Rus Warrior unit, I only do 4 hits (not so good) then Andy rolls all sixes for his saving throws (well that was complete pants) Andy does minimal damage as I have my shoulder to shoulder skill to counter his hits.
Since my Levy are still counted as Warriors (only lasts for my current turn phase) I charge his Levy unit on the other ford, and get more lucky managing to push them back. Andy doesn't use my fatigue against me in the combat and this worries me somewhat ! as for starters this means, my Levy will be exhausted in his turn and secondly the Pagan Rus has a rather nasty battleboard skill where having fatigue on your units is not a good thing.... at all !
The Rus Warlord and a unit of his Warriors strike back on the right side and things are not looking good for this "now" Saxon Levy unit making them to retreat, to make way for more advancing up behind them. Andy then rests his remaining units, then does his somewhat horrible "Endless Wastes" skill, where every unit with fatigue takes one casualty per fatigue it has !! not liking this at all, as my units are getting smaller , and thats not good for Saxons... not at all good
Those pesky Steppe Nomads firing arrows again
The Aftermath of me stupidly charging into Andys Hearthguard unit, my Warriors are somewhat frazzled, and low and behold the Hearthguard hasn't got a scratch on them, he likes using his Stand like bears skill , a skill by lowering his attacks but raising his armour value, quite useful when all he wanted out of that combat was to put another fatigue marker on my unit.... dam his cunning .... I hear that the Endless waste skill will be used in his following turn again
The Saxon Warriors on the right side are taking a punishing, both by melee and by arrows, so I decide to redirect the reserve unit to go over to the left and adopt a delay operation on the right.

My Levy (or should I say Warriors thanks once again to the Saxon Kingdoms skill) charge into the Hearthguard and beat them senseless .... haha

My delay tactic proves ineffective , as Andy easily pushes the units aside

as he begins to rush his Steppe Nomads over the Ford and behind the building to kill my Bard and then annoy's my small unit of warriors as well, quite good with their 16" long move they have. That only left me with 4 Saga dice in my turn.... so not a lot of options for me at this point.

I move more across the ford
and also charge my small unit of warriors into andy's nomads, but only kill a few as I dont have the numbers to be that effective, and the nomads can turn thier attack dice into defense dice at a rate of one to one so makes them very hard to kill.

In Andys turn he activates his Endless Wastes skill (so annoying) and kills quite a few) then he charges his Warriors into the Levy thats made it across the Ford, and thanks to his For the Khargan skill he manages to get some kills in. 

The end photo after turn 6 (or was it 7?) showing my troops in the top left and Andy's Warlord, Steppe and Warriors in my bottom right side. The models off table are the casualties...... quite a few on both sides, well especially mine , but mostly just the Levy .... pah who cares for Levy
Well all in all a fun game. The Score was 10 - 7 in favour to the Pagan Rus, so a good win to Andy then. I think a combination of good use of his Steppe Nomads and that horrible Endless Waste skill helped him a fair bit. My undoing was not resting my units enough to counter this skill, but I thought if I could get early into combat and use my numbers against him it would be decisive enough to push on through on one side...... oh well , the Saxons shall have their revenge..