Tuesday, 28 June 2016



Well its nearly that time of year again when the local wargamers will all be travelling up to Palmerston North for the inaugural Panzershrek Flames of War Doubles Tournament.  I will be once again teaming up with my brother Andrew.  We were going to be taking a Italian list but have now changed our minds and will be using a double Polish list instead.
And since its a Polish list and in true Stanton fashion there will be a Armoured train being used of course. Probably not the best option to take considering some of the army's I have heard that are going but it shall be fun to use and that's the important thing.

Andrews list will be a Fearless Trained Piechoty Infantry with following:
HQ with CO and 2IC Rifle teams
Piechoty Company (13 Rifle stands)
Piechoty Company (13 Rifle stands)
Anti-tank Platoon with 3x 37mm wz 36 guns
Anti-tank Platoon with 3x 37mm wz 36 guns
Armoured Train with Locomotive and 2x Light Artillery Cars

My list will be a Fearless Trained Kompania Czolgow (Polish Tanks)
HQ with 7TP jw tank
4 x 7TP jw tanks
4 x 7TP jw tanks
4 x 7TP jw tanks
4 x TKS tankettes
Piechoty Company (13 Rifle stands)

So there you have it , a rather small and fragile army for our standards with only 5 platoons each, but should be blast to plonk down the Train with its high armour and high AT guns it has .... should also hopefully attract some much needed attention as well while the rest of the army does its thing.  The idea behind the infantry would be to have some using the bypass rule - that's where they come from reserve behind the enemy ... taking out the artillery for example. We also be using the night attack rules the Poles have going for it.

Some AT guns

The Locomotive - Andys force
The Tanks (my force)
The mighty TKS tankettes !!

Trudging through the Prippet marshes of Poland

Our team name will be "Train McTrainface" , a mate suggested it after taking the piss from the recent popular vote of naming of the BBC David Attenborough's Polar ship "Boaty McBoatface" name.  Works a treat.

It should be interesting how well we do, it should be a good road trip at any rate and were planning on bringing some board games as well, no doubt Ivanhoe will be played !

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