Saturday, 25 June 2016


Way back in late January I picked up a cheap second hand Frankish Saga army.  The force comprises of a mounted Lord on horse, 3 units of mounted Hearthguard on horse and 3 units of foot bound Warriors.  Now I don't mind playing the against the Franks but using them myself is a different matter, I just find thier battleboard over complicated for my style of play ..... so the solution then .... was to make the Franks go on a Crusade and turn the army into a Milites Christi force , far more easier to play with and gives me a Christian force to use against the Mutatawwia force of my brothers. And also if Andy wanted to borrow them I can play my Moors force as well.

So with this cunning plan in mind I had striped back the models and have re-based them all for the desert. I have just finished painting my first unit of foot warriors ....... so time to see some photos you say

Overall I think they come out rather good, all in white cloaks . I shall paint up a unit of horse next and see how they turn out.

I have also finished my Moor Religious Advisor , an old man with a long beard and cloak ... seems to fit the bill nicely 

When I have time I might do a review of the Milites Christi force and give some insights on how I run them and what tactics I like to use .... similar to what I did with the Moors a while back.
I could also look into the what Priest options I like and how I get the best out of them.
well until next time...


  1. Brilliant conversion, that does the trick!

    I have a buddy who runs Milites superbly. I have to race across the table and beat him up before he gets his piety to 3. After that, they become a terror!

    1. Cheers Monty,
      Love it when their piety gets above 3 , doesnt happen very often but when it does its all good.