Thursday, 9 June 2016


With everyone getting into the Bolt action vibe around here, Andy and myself have joined the band wagon and finally got some figures for it.

Andy has gone for a Winter German force , all in winter clothing so going to base it on the Germans attacking into Bastogne in Dec 44. These figures look fantastic and it was the main reason Andy had picked this force. He has also got some Kriegsmarines to go with them as these look very cool figures indeed.

He has been very busy painting some platoons for a Bolt Action games day event this weekend and has finished 2 platoons of Infantry, HMG, Medic, Commander, and the Pak 40 gun.  Some photos then ................

The Medic team

The Man in Charge

The Forward observer team

1st German Platoon

2nd German Platoon

The mighty Pak 40

The Nebelwerfer

HMG Team

 So they look very good, All I have to do now is to persuade Andy to paint some of my models !!!


 I have decided on a Finnish force in the end, for the main reason that I liked the look of the figures and they have ski troops which look cool !  I have no idea on how many points and what support choices are needed as I have yet to get the Finnish codex

I have designed the core force with a Winter War theme in mind, so early war equipment, with the idea to add some Mid/Late War vehicles and guns at a later stage if needed to. So I have ended up buying one platoon of Finnish Infantry, 2 Platoons of Ski troops, HMG gun, Pak36 gun, Meduim Mortar, Light Mortar, AT Rifle squad, Flamethrower team (sounds fun) a huge 100mm Howitizer, and a late war Panzerfaust team.  Now after I placed the order I thought to myself .... who's leading this bunch ?  ya plonker !, I had forgot all about getting a HQ team. (might pay for me to give Scott "Kapiti Pharmacy" an email to see about ordering it in for me).

I will be using a borrowed British army for this games day event as I have not done any painting for it , yes very lazy at the moment, but I have started to paint some more Saga models, but more on that later,

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