Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Well following the ideas of some of the other local bloggers, I thought I would share my thoughts in regards to what I got planned for the years painting endevours - even if I dont complete half of the painting, listing them should at least give me some motivation for finishing at least some of it !

I have been playing this game for a couple of years now and really like it, especially after the release of the Crescent and Cross book,  the game mechanics of the battle board skills make it really interesting, so much so I have already have 3 armies . I started with Anglo-Saxons , and then moved onto the Rus Princes, and recently finished making up my Moors.

A list of painting that needs to be completed then:
need to finish painting the last block of Warriors - done

Rus Princes -
paint the mounted Warlord
4 units of  mounted Hearthguard
one unit of foot Warriors
one unit of Levy bowmen.

Paint the Warlord,
5 units of foot Warriors,  - 3 units done
one unit of Camel Bedouin Scouts,
one unit of Levy Crossbowmen - done
one unit of Naffatan - done
A Moor Priest  - done

I had also picked up some cheap second hand Franks on the bring and buy table at Valleycon, There was 16 mounted Hearthguard, 28 foot troops and a mounted Warlord.
All of them are painted but they all have rather dark colours and not really my style, so I will be giving them all a makeover .  Now I am not really a fan of using Franks (battle board is slightly too complicated for me) so I will be using them as a Milites Christi force.

Milites Christi
Paint and rebase the Warlord,   - done
also, 3 units of foot Warriors,   - done
and 3 units of mounted Hearthguard   - done

Also have to purchase the Peter the Hermit model, as this model would be great to use as a Christian force religious advisor  - done
Some wagons would be also be a good buy at some stage as well - I had attempted to make my own but these turned out to be rubbish ! much to the amusement of mates

This game looks like a good game to get into and it is growing in interest locally with talks of tournaments and the like. The fact that the game is 28mm WW2 figures is enough to spark some interest for me, as the sculpts look great. I have been looking into using the Finns for this game and may very well be my next wargaming adventure. I have never done snow basing so it could be very nice change to the stuff I have been doing lately.

My brother and I have been playing some of this over the Christmas break and enjoy the game, fun and simple. We got out our old mordhiem terrain and have been playing on that, but it does look a tad rough and the pieces are beginning to show their age - 20 years I think, so really have to look into making some more ruins for this game

As far as the miniatures for this game , not sure I need any as I will continue to use my old Fantasy models my brother and myself have had stored away over the years. Been using Choas Dwarfs and my old Skaven mordhiem force.

Well where to start, I have had so many ideas over the years, that I thought would make a cool FOW army, so much so, that I now own a fair amount of armies. With our playtesting coming to an end a year ago and getting paid in product, I mostly got all the models I require and with the exception of my Russians I have still yet to start painting the majority of them.

EW Vichy French Legionnaire List :
Really need to start painting these guys as I might be running them at this years Panzershrek tournament , I will need to have painted a 1000 point tournament list -
HQ figures with a 60mm Mortar team support weapon
2 combat platoons
81mm Mortar Platoon
25mm AT gun platoon
75mm Vichy AT platoon
Vichy Sapper platoon with supply wagon
3 Renault Ammo carriers
and R-35 tank platoon

Also to finish the army off and to make a reasonable 1500 point list with multiple support options......  I will have to paint the following models  :
enlarge both Combat platoons to make them full strength
75mm artillery platoon
155mm Artillery Platoon
HMG platoon
Another R-35 tank platoon
Small Spahi Cavalry Platoon
Trucked Spahi Platoon (will also act as dismounted cav unit) with 4 french trucks

Just a small amount to finish off for this - but have never quite made the time.......
2 LMG teams, 4 SMG teams, 2x Bazooka teams, and 4x Bangalore teams
M3A1 armoured car
6x Jeeps, M2 half track and 3x Dump trucks
T30 HMC assualt gun
A half strength US Rifle squad to finish   - done
M2A1 105mm Howitzer Artillery Battery   - done
2x T28E1 AA Halftrack and  2x M13 AA Halftrack   - done

I have also got 10x M3 tanks in my Russian army, I am now wondering, that it may prove interesting to repaint them for a mid war USA tank army perhaps -  You never get to see them in a tournament (maybe they are rubbish-I dunno)  but would be good to see them get used so may very well may try this.  I had used them in my Russians as a support choice for various tournaments and they went all ok.

I had brought a platoon of these guys for my OSS army a few years ago now, but seeing that the LW Italy compilation books has a nice Goum army list, and the fact you never see it at tournaments , I thought it was a good reason to perhaps complete an army - they have some interesting rules and they look very cool painted up with thier striped PJ uniform for painting I have yet to finish.a HQ platoon, a full combat platoon, and a 4 gun Mortar platoon

Still got the odd platoon or two that need painting to complete my vast Russian collection :
Finish off my half strength Cossack Platoon with 2 tanchakas
10 stand Rifle Platoon with Command and Kom teams
Full strength (21 stands) Submachine-gun Company with Command and Kom teams
3x unarmed Sapper teams (to complete squad to comply with V3 lists)   - done
3x Light mortar teams
8x ATRifles teams
3x SU-12 Assualt guns  - done
7x bailed out markers
and 3 objectives to paint up.   - done

So a fair amount of Stuff to get through. Looking at my past painting efforts for last year I do not for see that much of it getting done, but we shall see what the winter months will hold.
until next time, cheers.