Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I got my hands on a copy of the rules for the New Frostgrave game last week, and had my first game of it over the weekend. Really liked it - fast to play with easy shooting and melee combat system which makes for an enjoyable game.  I found it very similar style to the old Mordhiem game, of which I used to play fair amount of back in the day.

It is a Fantasy Skirmish game with a max of 10-11 figures a side, where you battle among the frozen ruins of an ancient city Frostgrave, wizards battle in the hopes of discovering the treasures of a fallen empire. Each player takes on the role of a wizard from one of ten schools of magic, the wizard usually has a young apprentice to accompany his master, and a small collection of other henchman types that are available for hire, from lowly thugs to heavily armoured knights and stealthy thieves.

First thing you have to do is pick the type of wizard you want to be - there is 10 different schools of magic to choose from, and from those your a specialist in one of them, get to dabble in 3 more and know a little from 5 neutral schools and there is always one opposite school of magic you dislike. Wizards can pick their spells from a great range, most will come from the one you specialise in but it does not prevent from selecting others - its just a little harder to cast these spells. So as you can imagine, a huge array of spells are available to customise your wizard they way you want with multitudes of combinations galore. The wizard learns new spells as he gains more experience but he starts with 8 spells.

You have treasures and magic items like you did in Mordhiem, but you can only upgrade and gain experience points for your Wizard character only over the course of the campaign - not each figure in the warband as you had done in Mordhiem, so theirs no need for endless amount of book keeping you had to do at the end and during each game. Its just just a matter of determining how much experience you gained and for every 100 points of it you can upgrade either one stat of your choice, or learn a new random spell, or advance a level in an existing spell by lowering the casting value by one - so really rather easy.

I decided upon picking the Enchanter Wizard - mostly as I liked the idea of animating large constructs to do my biding and buffing my hired soldiers with enchanted weapons and armour and such.  The Rulebook describes Enchanter Wizards as follows: - Enchanters are hands-on wizards, who work their magic by implanting it in objects or people. Many Enchanters are also craftsmen, such as carpenters or sculptors, who work their magic into the pieces they create. In appearance, Enchanters are often the least ‘wizardly’ looking of all spellcasters, being just as likely to carry craftsman’s tools as they are weapons or magical items ..... so with this in mind I thought I would use my old Choas Dwarfs figures I have got already as I think these fit the bill nicely.

So I had made my warband using my Choas Dwarf Lord Vladimir (on robotic legs no less) to be my Wizard, His trusty Apprentice Mishka at his side, then we have 3 Choas Dwarf Warriors acting as Infantrymen with their double hand weapon Axes, 2 Hobgoblins acting as Lowly Thugs and another 2 Hobgoblin bowmen being used as Archers. I used my scratch built Obsidian Golems from Fantasy Warhammer days I had to act as my Large Construct.

My brother Andy had chosen the Necromancer Wizard - so raising zombies and also has a rather nasty bone dart spell  - his Wizard knocked out my apprentice using this spell - my apprentice had suffered a major injury from it and has to now miss the next battle (mutter mutter)

The game we played on our old Fantasy Ice table
For the first game we just plonked down some terrain and treasure and went for it. It was a great game, Andy's wizard came out the winner but we both managed to grab 3 treasures each, I had some terrible dice attempting to cast my spells - My Wizard only managed to cast 5 spells in the game (hopeless) and then my Apprentice being removed, the only thing saving me was my large construct and my 2 Hobgoblin Archers.
Andy permanently lost one of his henchmen but gained two grimoires, 3 scrolls and gold with exploring his treasures, I found some boots of speed (nice) 3 scrolls of which I sold and fair amount of gold coins.  I gained 2 levels of experience for my Wizard (Andy gained 3) where upon I made my Strength and Enchant armour spells easier to cast.

Already looking at new wizards - maybe the Illusionist Wizard perhaps or the Elementist ... both have some very good spells , Andy is leaning towards the Witch class Wizard (always the dark side with him) but a great game, now we all have to do is make some decent terrain for it - i.e. more ruins and buildings and such.

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