Tuesday, 4 August 2015



This Sunday is Fracas ... a well known NZ one day tournament in Wanganui, which I have attended multiple times in the past. This year it is a 750 point limit with Tank company's only. The conditions are that you have to take at least two platoons, with at least one being a combat platoon.
I have never taken the King Tiger tanks before so I thought this might be a perfect chance to use them, the list I have decided on is a Always Defend Reluctant Trained 510 Schwere Panzer Company from Ramagen Bridge book.

My list has 2 King Tigers in it  .. they don't have any Tiger Ace skills but for 215 points each who cares. Also I have taken a Panzer crew platoon which are armed with Panzerfausts.  Also couldn't resist taking two platoons of Volksturm Infantry which always count as being on the table (doesn't count towards reserves) and they always start dig in ! These guys are also armed pzfausts, but with them being rated Reluctant Conscripts might not be as effective as the Panzer crew Platoon. So with 4 platoons my only reserve would be the single King Tiger, the Infantry will be all on the table with the Co King Tiger in charge ... not much direct AT but with 3 platoons of faust infantry sitting on the objective what can go wrong ... he says confidently in jest !

I think the King Tiger and also the Volksturm is proving to be a popular choice, now know 3 people that are using them for this tournament ! Should be interesting.

I will have to borrow some King Tigers off mate John Fletcher and also borrow some German Infantry off my brother as well, but I am looking forward to it. 5 games in total over one day and another good 3 hour road trip each way

My list as below:

My brother Andrew has gone for a light British tank company, deciding on the 11th Armoured Division from Market Garden book. With a total of 7 Cromwells and 2 Challenger tanks, and to make up points he has placed in the Cromwell recovery tank.

These tanks should be fun to use being light tanks, zippy and racing 16" around your flanks .... all depends if he can get there in sufficient numbers while the Challengers sit back and shoot at range ... well that's what I think at any rate, is anyone's guess what Andy has in mind.

Andy too has to borrow models for this list , as he is using our brother in laws Shep's models for the tournament... Shep has done some excellent work on these tanks, applying the camo netting (unsure of its proper name) so thought I would share some photos of them.

Until next time chaps .


  1. Well if there's a lot of king tigers Andrew may struggle a bit but being fast he will be looking at flank shots im guessing. But as usual you two always good to play with what ever you bring so should be good games non the less. Ill see ya early Saturday morning.

    1. Cheers John, King Tigers should be safe with a unit of Faust infantry screening its flanks
      Wonder how many are going to be using the Volksturm infantry option ?...
      Also , I do hope you mean this Sunday morning !! or have I got it wrong.