Tuesday, 30 June 2015


This years Panzershrek Doubles Tournament is once again happening this July with Andrew and myself teaming up as usual. We have always taken some of the more unusual armies to this tournament and this year is no different with both of us going Germans using a Captured Armoured Train and Sturm Tigers of all things which leads us to our team name of "Trained Tigers"

The Tournament is full this year with 20 teams attending, hopefully we might place somewhere in the middle but with us both taking reluctant trained troops for the most part and having the ability to bleed points left right and center I think its more appropriate to suggest we will be in the bottom third perhaps, but we shall see, anyway this years list is more centered around taking the fun stuff we never use that often - hence the rubbish SturmTigers as an option !!

Andrews Force  is the 286th Sicherungs Infantry Company

HQ         CO & 2IC SMG teams (RT)
Combat Sicherungs Platoon - 7 x Rifle teams  (RT)
Combat Sicherungs Platoon - 7 x Rifle teams  (RT)
Combat Sicherungs Platoon - 7 x Rifle teams  (RT)
Weapons Sicherungs Anti-tank Platoon  with 3 x 3.7cm Pak36 guns (RT)
Weapons Armoured Car Patrol with 1 x BA 10M  (RT)
Support Captured Tank Platoon with 3 x T34 obr 1942 tanks (RT)
Support Veteran Tank-Hunter Platoon  with 3 x 7.5cm Pak40 auf RSO (CV)
Support Captured Armoured Train  (CV)
Locomotive with 2 x Heavy Artillery cars with 2 x Tank Hunter cars
Support Luftwaffe Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platoon with 1 x 8.8cm Flak 36 gun (RT)

9 Platoons in total for a total price of 900points

Andrews Half of the Army

My Force is the 277 Volksgrenadier Infantry Company

HQ CO & 2IC Panzerfaust Assualt Rifle teams (RT)
Combat Volksgrenadier Sturm Platoon with 5 x Panzerfaust Assualt Rifle teams (RT)
Combat Volksgrenadier Schutzen Platoon with 5 x R/MG Panzerfaust teams (RT)
Support Volks Tank Hunter Platoon  with 4 x StuG G tanks (RT)
Support  Heavy Assault Howitzer Platoon with 2 x SturmTiger (CT)
Support Volks Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon with 3 x 3.7cm Flak43 guns (RT)
Support Volks Light Artillery Battery with 6 x 10.5cm leFH 18 guns (RT)

6 Platoons in total for a total price of 1100points

My Half of the army

Now you are probably wondering why so many platoons - easy answer is that the Sicherungs have a special rule where upon the Sicherungs Platoons may only be placed in Reserve if no other types of platoon are available to fill the required number of platoons to be held in Reserve, so for example with reserves missions we would have 7 platoons on the table of which 3 of them must be the Sicherung Rifle platoons - so to get a decent defense happening, having lots of platoons is a must !  and don't forget we can always Kampgruppe up to 16 platoons and have 8 in reserve and 8 on table - got to love that ! and we always prefer to run large army's as its far more forgiving for our style of play.

Andy still has to finish painting these, but looking good so far.

We should have enough AT there I hope with the form of Stugs, Pak40 RSO's, Panzerfaust infantry - we also have the Artillery battery with a 6 gun 10.5 battery and then the 8 gun 10.5 battery from the train as well, and if that's not enough we crush them with a 376kg round from the Sturm Tigers ..... haha

Looking forward to the event.


  1. That's awesome! A classic Stanton list, I love it. When you look at each platoon individually, it looks rubbish, but when you look at it as a whole things start to get a bit nervy. When it all shoots at you, things go pear-shaped very fast! Looking forward to catching up with you up there :-)

    1. Thanks Paul, I agree with you there, each platoon is rubbish on its own but when you combine all the artillery and AT and the Sturm Tigers that can pick off the heavy tanks (or SU100's) it makes a somewhat decent force... well heres hoping.

  2. Looking good lads as usual the list looks a little different to when warren and myself played you two good luck im sure you two will enjoy as usual.

    1. Thanks John, we had changed a few things to make a few platoons bigger and hopefully stay around a while longer, should be fun.

  3. That's a LOT of models your opponent will have to try to take out and a LOT of guns to shoot each turn!

    I'd hate to face this list. :)

    Beautifully painted too.

    1. Cheers Dia,
      Thats the response where after ............. Fear the reluctant Trained horde .. oh yes
      I will pass on the painting compliment as the Germans are my brothers Andrew's army, cheers

  4. Go the train. choo choo toot toot

    Go the tigers growl roar

    1. Haha ... you will be making all the sound effects on game day then, I cant wait to use Sturm Tigers and kill me some King Tigers with em.