Monday, 15 June 2015


NICON tournament continued then ........

Woke up on the Sunday morning bright and early, and after several cups of tea and a muffin I was eager for another 3 rounds of Saga.

GAME 5 - ESCORT   Was against Alan with his Norse Gaels playing the Escort mission, Alan had 2 points of HG, 3 points of Warriors and a Levy - They were armed all with Dane axes with the exception of Levy who had javelins. He then split most of the warriors into his 4 man death squads - YIKES not liking the name hes given them !
We both bid the same number to escort our baggage off and I won the dice off so I had to do the escorting.

I only had 5 points to his 6 points so I drop the Hearthguard point from my list. I then setup one 10 man unit of warriors and one baggage on my left side - to oppose this Alan places his Levy and a death squad. On the right side I had placed the rest with baggage mixed within to get maximum protection, my Monks were out front.

Things started ok for me on the left side with my warriors and Baggage moving up, Alan then charges in with his 4 man death squad and proceeds to wipe out 8 men of my 10 man unit - I kill all 4 of his men. My baggage then charges multiple times into his Levy pushing them back every time and killing 6 in total. The next turn, Alan did not get any favorable dice for his who's next skill - so I charge again with my baggage and eventual wipe out the Levy leaving a way clear for my baggage to leave the table edge - Alan is now left playing for the draw. Meanwhile on the right side I had moved my main force up to about the middle of the board, with my monks as a screen out front. Alan manages to dart around the flank of the monks and eyes up my baggage there and after some close fighting manages to kill the cart of goodies.

I manage to place more fatigue on his units with Trapped and combined with exhaustion skill whittle down his numbers. Alan was charging my baggage and warriors but was not having much luck with his challenge rolls - as I kept winning them rolling 5's and 6's - even his Warlord with 5 dice against my 2 dice - he should of won a couple, but I managed to make a clear path and walk my remaining baggage off the table so was a win to me.

GAME 6 - GOD WILL RECOGNIZE HIS - Was against Rob Sadler with his Skrealings - have not played against these guys for a while now but have read their battle board and played a few games so had a rough idea of what I was in for - my good skills such as Noble Linage and Trapped were about to be cancelled ! .
Rob had 4 Warrior units - which one was raised to 12 man, and 2 Levy Bow
This mission was all about slaughter points for melee only - so will help me as Rob has javelins, the mission also had the endless warbands rule whereupon if a model is killed - it may return from the table edge in form of 4 - 12 man unit. So effectively you get to recycle your troops ! AWESOME - the only unit of mine that wasn't allowed is the Monks as they are Dogs of War.

I setup my force in the middle with monks out front on the right side and Rob placed his mostly on the middle left with one Levy unit on each flank. Rob has first turn and quickly eliminates my Noble Linage skill, he also uses Vinland where he can activate his entire force. He moves the bows up the flanks and moves the middle up a little. My turn I charge a warrior unit into the left bow and kill 6 of them also move monks up with my HG and Warlord behind. Rob brings the first endless warband reserves on with 6 Levy now forming up on my right, Other Levy takes shots at my HG killing two - lucky!! . He also engages my monks twice killing 6 of them first up but with my martyrdom skill, I used the dice for combat pool and managed to get a fair amount of defensive dice to save a fair amount with 3 monks left.

The remaining 2 -3 turns see my Intimidation and Trapped skills cancelled (shit you miss these once there gone ! )  but with a lot of melee going on I manage to exhaust Robs big blob of warriors as I never removed any in combat to allow it to build up making the unit worthless as it was exhausted. In the end it was a rather close game with only 1 point in it with me in front but the win condition was a 4 point win margin so it was a Draw result. A great game against Rob, always fun playing Skrealings and the models looked really good too.

GAME 7 -    This was another Feast of Crows mission, but this time we played it with
4points, and the top 3 and bottom 3 playing together , so I was up against Rob and John being in the top bunch.
And for the 4 points I decided to drop the Monks and the Hearthguard unit , with Rob dropped his two Levy units also and john dropped his Hearthguard and Beserkers - this left all of us with only Warriors - cool.

My Anglo-Danes in top left, with Robs Skrealings in top right with Johns Vikings bottom
This game was a blood bath - My warriors went into the fight swinging their handbags as they couldn't hit anything in melee , every time I charged my attack dice were abysmal, my defense dice were ok though, but this mission was all about killing things in melee !
John was having a little more luck but with the loss of his Warlord early on his Saga dice let him down. The Skrealings with their sacred bonds skill were doing exceptional well, Rob had cancelled 3 of my ability's throughout the game in quick order but didn't touch Johns battle board - I call Foul !!!  pays not to pick on the Skrealings early on in multiplayer game I guess so my own fault there.
It was a really fun game with Rob's Skrealings going on to win this one with 24 points compared to my lowly and some what embarrassing 10 points (I forget what John had but was considerably higher than mine)

The overall Standings was
Rob Skrealings in 1st place
My Anglo-Daneish in 2nd place
Johns Vikings in 3rd place
Andrews Strathcylde in 4th place
Alans Norse Gaels in 5th place  and
Waynes Vikings in last place

So overall a really fun little tournament, it was a shame about the turnout but we made the most of it and had a blast. It was a long trip home getting back to the Hutt about midnight on Sunday - thankgod we had the Monday off with Queens Birthday holiday - as I was shattered !!

The next tournament for me is Panzershrek - a doubles FOW that is held up in Palmerston North with 1000 points each. This tournament is fast becoming a tradition where upon Andy and myself use some of the more bizarre and somewhat unorthodox armies - this year will be no different but more on this later.


  1. Great write ups as usual Mark was a fun weekend will no doubt see you at Panzerschreck.

  2. Excellent reports Mark, and congrats on second place! See you at Panzerschreck :-)