Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I got these ponds/swamps as part of my rewards for the playtesting I do for FOW from time to time. Been sitting around for months now so thought I should get around to sprucing them up a bit.

They original looked a tad bland to me so I have flocked and added some additional reeds and tussocks to them. I think they have come up rather well and matches our existing terrain nicely - well done me !

Here's some photos - before and after shots.

Before Shot of ponds - pretty boring
 The new spruced up version

I have also started to base up some buildings for Saga. I won this Viking Hut at last years Sagacon and thought it would look better with a base. I have cut the base shape so its exactly VS (2")  bigger than the edge of the building so it will act as a guide for future play. As it states in the rules that no model is to be placed within VS of a building unless it is entering the building - a rule that is easily overlooked - so this makes it nice and easy.

When you see it with a VS zone around, it does make the building a very large terrain piece indeed.


  1. Thats a good idea on the base for the Hut as in our game we where both forgetting about the 2'' gap you have to keep nice work.

    1. Thanks John, should be easy to remember now. I was surprised how big the VS zone was when I marked it up though