Tuesday, 30 June 2015


This years Panzershrek Doubles Tournament is once again happening this July with Andrew and myself teaming up as usual. We have always taken some of the more unusual armies to this tournament and this year is no different with both of us going Germans using a Captured Armoured Train and Sturm Tigers of all things which leads us to our team name of "Trained Tigers"

The Tournament is full this year with 20 teams attending, hopefully we might place somewhere in the middle but with us both taking reluctant trained troops for the most part and having the ability to bleed points left right and center I think its more appropriate to suggest we will be in the bottom third perhaps, but we shall see, anyway this years list is more centered around taking the fun stuff we never use that often - hence the rubbish SturmTigers as an option !!

Andrews Force  is the 286th Sicherungs Infantry Company

HQ         CO & 2IC SMG teams (RT)
Combat Sicherungs Platoon - 7 x Rifle teams  (RT)
Combat Sicherungs Platoon - 7 x Rifle teams  (RT)
Combat Sicherungs Platoon - 7 x Rifle teams  (RT)
Weapons Sicherungs Anti-tank Platoon  with 3 x 3.7cm Pak36 guns (RT)
Weapons Armoured Car Patrol with 1 x BA 10M  (RT)
Support Captured Tank Platoon with 3 x T34 obr 1942 tanks (RT)
Support Veteran Tank-Hunter Platoon  with 3 x 7.5cm Pak40 auf RSO (CV)
Support Captured Armoured Train  (CV)
Locomotive with 2 x Heavy Artillery cars with 2 x Tank Hunter cars
Support Luftwaffe Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platoon with 1 x 8.8cm Flak 36 gun (RT)

9 Platoons in total for a total price of 900points

Andrews Half of the Army

My Force is the 277 Volksgrenadier Infantry Company

HQ CO & 2IC Panzerfaust Assualt Rifle teams (RT)
Combat Volksgrenadier Sturm Platoon with 5 x Panzerfaust Assualt Rifle teams (RT)
Combat Volksgrenadier Schutzen Platoon with 5 x R/MG Panzerfaust teams (RT)
Support Volks Tank Hunter Platoon  with 4 x StuG G tanks (RT)
Support  Heavy Assault Howitzer Platoon with 2 x SturmTiger (CT)
Support Volks Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon with 3 x 3.7cm Flak43 guns (RT)
Support Volks Light Artillery Battery with 6 x 10.5cm leFH 18 guns (RT)

6 Platoons in total for a total price of 1100points

My Half of the army

Now you are probably wondering why so many platoons - easy answer is that the Sicherungs have a special rule where upon the Sicherungs Platoons may only be placed in Reserve if no other types of platoon are available to fill the required number of platoons to be held in Reserve, so for example with reserves missions we would have 7 platoons on the table of which 3 of them must be the Sicherung Rifle platoons - so to get a decent defense happening, having lots of platoons is a must !  and don't forget we can always Kampgruppe up to 16 platoons and have 8 in reserve and 8 on table - got to love that ! and we always prefer to run large army's as its far more forgiving for our style of play.

Andy still has to finish painting these, but looking good so far.

We should have enough AT there I hope with the form of Stugs, Pak40 RSO's, Panzerfaust infantry - we also have the Artillery battery with a 6 gun 10.5 battery and then the 8 gun 10.5 battery from the train as well, and if that's not enough we crush them with a 376kg round from the Sturm Tigers ..... haha

Looking forward to the event.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I got these ponds/swamps as part of my rewards for the playtesting I do for FOW from time to time. Been sitting around for months now so thought I should get around to sprucing them up a bit.

They original looked a tad bland to me so I have flocked and added some additional reeds and tussocks to them. I think they have come up rather well and matches our existing terrain nicely - well done me !

Here's some photos - before and after shots.

Before Shot of ponds - pretty boring
 The new spruced up version

I have also started to base up some buildings for Saga. I won this Viking Hut at last years Sagacon and thought it would look better with a base. I have cut the base shape so its exactly VS (2")  bigger than the edge of the building so it will act as a guide for future play. As it states in the rules that no model is to be placed within VS of a building unless it is entering the building - a rule that is easily overlooked - so this makes it nice and easy.

When you see it with a VS zone around, it does make the building a very large terrain piece indeed.

Monday, 15 June 2015


NICON tournament continued then ........

Woke up on the Sunday morning bright and early, and after several cups of tea and a muffin I was eager for another 3 rounds of Saga.

GAME 5 - ESCORT   Was against Alan with his Norse Gaels playing the Escort mission, Alan had 2 points of HG, 3 points of Warriors and a Levy - They were armed all with Dane axes with the exception of Levy who had javelins. He then split most of the warriors into his 4 man death squads - YIKES not liking the name hes given them !
We both bid the same number to escort our baggage off and I won the dice off so I had to do the escorting.

I only had 5 points to his 6 points so I drop the Hearthguard point from my list. I then setup one 10 man unit of warriors and one baggage on my left side - to oppose this Alan places his Levy and a death squad. On the right side I had placed the rest with baggage mixed within to get maximum protection, my Monks were out front.

Things started ok for me on the left side with my warriors and Baggage moving up, Alan then charges in with his 4 man death squad and proceeds to wipe out 8 men of my 10 man unit - I kill all 4 of his men. My baggage then charges multiple times into his Levy pushing them back every time and killing 6 in total. The next turn, Alan did not get any favorable dice for his who's next skill - so I charge again with my baggage and eventual wipe out the Levy leaving a way clear for my baggage to leave the table edge - Alan is now left playing for the draw. Meanwhile on the right side I had moved my main force up to about the middle of the board, with my monks as a screen out front. Alan manages to dart around the flank of the monks and eyes up my baggage there and after some close fighting manages to kill the cart of goodies.

I manage to place more fatigue on his units with Trapped and combined with exhaustion skill whittle down his numbers. Alan was charging my baggage and warriors but was not having much luck with his challenge rolls - as I kept winning them rolling 5's and 6's - even his Warlord with 5 dice against my 2 dice - he should of won a couple, but I managed to make a clear path and walk my remaining baggage off the table so was a win to me.

GAME 6 - GOD WILL RECOGNIZE HIS - Was against Rob Sadler with his Skrealings - have not played against these guys for a while now but have read their battle board and played a few games so had a rough idea of what I was in for - my good skills such as Noble Linage and Trapped were about to be cancelled ! .
Rob had 4 Warrior units - which one was raised to 12 man, and 2 Levy Bow
This mission was all about slaughter points for melee only - so will help me as Rob has javelins, the mission also had the endless warbands rule whereupon if a model is killed - it may return from the table edge in form of 4 - 12 man unit. So effectively you get to recycle your troops ! AWESOME - the only unit of mine that wasn't allowed is the Monks as they are Dogs of War.

I setup my force in the middle with monks out front on the right side and Rob placed his mostly on the middle left with one Levy unit on each flank. Rob has first turn and quickly eliminates my Noble Linage skill, he also uses Vinland where he can activate his entire force. He moves the bows up the flanks and moves the middle up a little. My turn I charge a warrior unit into the left bow and kill 6 of them also move monks up with my HG and Warlord behind. Rob brings the first endless warband reserves on with 6 Levy now forming up on my right, Other Levy takes shots at my HG killing two - lucky!! . He also engages my monks twice killing 6 of them first up but with my martyrdom skill, I used the dice for combat pool and managed to get a fair amount of defensive dice to save a fair amount with 3 monks left.

The remaining 2 -3 turns see my Intimidation and Trapped skills cancelled (shit you miss these once there gone ! )  but with a lot of melee going on I manage to exhaust Robs big blob of warriors as I never removed any in combat to allow it to build up making the unit worthless as it was exhausted. In the end it was a rather close game with only 1 point in it with me in front but the win condition was a 4 point win margin so it was a Draw result. A great game against Rob, always fun playing Skrealings and the models looked really good too.

GAME 7 -    This was another Feast of Crows mission, but this time we played it with
4points, and the top 3 and bottom 3 playing together , so I was up against Rob and John being in the top bunch.
And for the 4 points I decided to drop the Monks and the Hearthguard unit , with Rob dropped his two Levy units also and john dropped his Hearthguard and Beserkers - this left all of us with only Warriors - cool.

My Anglo-Danes in top left, with Robs Skrealings in top right with Johns Vikings bottom
This game was a blood bath - My warriors went into the fight swinging their handbags as they couldn't hit anything in melee , every time I charged my attack dice were abysmal, my defense dice were ok though, but this mission was all about killing things in melee !
John was having a little more luck but with the loss of his Warlord early on his Saga dice let him down. The Skrealings with their sacred bonds skill were doing exceptional well, Rob had cancelled 3 of my ability's throughout the game in quick order but didn't touch Johns battle board - I call Foul !!!  pays not to pick on the Skrealings early on in multiplayer game I guess so my own fault there.
It was a really fun game with Rob's Skrealings going on to win this one with 24 points compared to my lowly and some what embarrassing 10 points (I forget what John had but was considerably higher than mine)

The overall Standings was
Rob Skrealings in 1st place
My Anglo-Daneish in 2nd place
Johns Vikings in 3rd place
Andrews Strathcylde in 4th place
Alans Norse Gaels in 5th place  and
Waynes Vikings in last place

So overall a really fun little tournament, it was a shame about the turnout but we made the most of it and had a blast. It was a long trip home getting back to the Hutt about midnight on Sunday - thankgod we had the Monday off with Queens Birthday holiday - as I was shattered !!

The next tournament for me is Panzershrek - a doubles FOW that is held up in Palmerston North with 1000 points each. This tournament is fast becoming a tradition where upon Andy and myself use some of the more bizarre and somewhat unorthodox armies - this year will be no different but more on this later.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Last weekend was Queens Birthday long weekend and is traditionally when Nicon (NZ North Island champs) are held and this year it was held in small town of Thames up in the Coromandel area. I played in the Saga tournament using my Anglo-Danish force.
I must say it was one of the most fun little tournaments I have been too for a long time now - with much banter and hilarity to be had during and between games.

I headed up from the Hutt Valley with my brother Andrew and mate John Fletcher, was a good road trip up in the wee hours of Saturday morning even if it was through a thick fog and a bitterly cold desert road when the cars temperature was on zero - so no heater working!  arrived on time and rearing to get started

Alas we only had 6 players for the tournament turn-up as we had some players pulled out last minute but we made do and changed the format to suit so that we ended up playing a round robin of sorts with 4 games on day one and 3 games on day two , with the last game of each day being a 3 player game the first with 6 points and the second with 4 points.

For my army list see link here ... CLICK  Take note I removed one unit of Hearthguard so I could pick up one point of Warriors - thought it was better to beef up and have large units of Warriors instead of a 8 man HG unit - we shall see if this tactic pans out or not.

You might notice a lack of photos as I keep forgetting to bring a camera to these events and the odd one you do see was a borrowed photo shot from johns camera and as I played John in 3 games its all good for those games (thanks John)

GAME 1 - funny enough we randomly did the game draw and I ended up playing my brother ! Now traditionally when ever I play Andy in a tournament setting its either a draw or a very close win to Andy - would this be an exception perhaps ?  He was using his Strathclyde force so was all mounted with one unit of 8 HG and 3 Warrior units with also 3 small units of 4 warriors off table ...
We played the the Clash of Warlords Mission . Early on I had the upper hand as I plonked down multiple fatigue markers on his units using my Trapped skill, all the while moving into the center of the table to get away from his harassment skill. Andrew hit home with his HG unit into my big unit of 12 warriors using his Doomriders skill and the one where he lowers his armour save and any hits above my armour is doubled .. yikes !!! - he managed to wipe them out. With a big chunk missing from my army I charged back and killed the HG unit. From there the game quickly become a blood bath on both sides and with my Intimidate skill being used a lot. Needless to say it was another great game resulting in a DRAW with both on same points at end.

Some photos I took before the event of Andys force - note he still has to complete the shields - but looking very good ..... aawww bless em .. all on little wee ponies !

His Warlord - cool pose !
His 6 point army - with HG in middle - note the 3 small 4 man units
at rear these are off table, force is still rather big with them off!! 
Heathguard unit - all sporting a red cloak - its the in fashion these days didn't you know!

GAME 2 -  Was against John Fletcher in a Challenge mission, Now this was going to be hard going as I had taken the useful but oh so very crappy in combat Spiritual Advisor Warlord upgrade (or is that a downgrade in this mission perhaps). The Advisor only has 1 attack and has armour 4 .... We were using the new rules for challenge where upon only the warlord can charge the enemy Warlord unless your Warlord has less wounds taken than the enemy's - well that's not going to be too difficult is it! I can see the Viking Warlord giving me some serious number of wounds in the first turn so at least it makes him the only figure that will charge my Warlord where as, at least I can charge Johns with everything.
Well first turn went to John, and surprisingly he made a big dent in my warlords wound total and I wisely decided to retreat towards a building. Thankgod for my intimidate skill cancelling the warlords other action.

My warlord disengages towards the building
Next few turns saw my Advisor get a few more hits but managed to retreat into the building. My HG unit charged his warlord but he was able to save some, and transfer wounds to his warriors nearby. My ability to place fatigue was taking its toll on Johns unit and his warriors quickly become exhausted - so my monks charged in only to have both units wiping out each other after multiple rounds of melee (crappy monks)

Some warriors are very tired, now its time for my Monks charge in to finish the job
Knock Knock !!  -  Go way !
Johns Warlord charged the building, scoring some more hits on mine but my Warriors where now getting into some good positions to pounce on the leading Viking, but I didn't have too many left, and time was running out. At the end I scored only one wound to Johns 9 wounds so a good win to John there.

GAME 3 - Was against Wayne Turner with his Viking force (very similar to Johns I think but with one more HG unit perhaps). The mission was the Battle at the Ford. I like this mission so was hoping to do well in it. I have played Wayne in FOW now and again and really nice fellow to play so was going to be a good game.
I setup the Monks, Advisior and two unit of 10 warriors on left side and one unit of 12 Warriors and HG on the right side. Wayne did what I expected and setup most of his force on my right and some Warrior units with Berserkers on my left.
My units on right side moved up and into the ford while on the left I blocked the river with big unit of Warriors with Unforgiving and Lords of battle skills up ready for Waynes charge - he charges in with Warlord and big HG unit and after 2 rounds of melee, my unit is somewhat diminished but Waynes now has a lot of Fatigue while taking the ford..
The right side heats up after I charge into some warriors then into his Berserkers and gets me across the ford. Meanwhile on the left Wayne kills the remaining warriors and eyes up the my HG and charges into them killing them as well but in return makes them exhausted so I quickly play my Exhaustion skill and remove two of his HG leaving unit with only 1 man left. I chase down the few survivors on my right and occupy that side, while Wayne does the same on his side. The following turn it ends and I have a few points clear of Wayne so win goes to me. YAY for that exhaustion skill !!

GAME 4 - was a 3 player Feast of Crows mission with the additional rule of placing the third player in the middle so creating a equilateral triangle starting positions. I was playing against John (with his Vikings) and Alan (with Norse Gaels) . First time I had played against the Norse in a long while so should be interesting.
The idea of this mission is to have the most kill points at the end - so get into combat early and start killing !!! sounds easy enough !  -  also for this game we all do the orders phase together then dice off to see who starts first

I started in the upper left of this photo, with Alan in the middle right and John being lower left
the first few turns nothing much happened, with the exception of myself placing ample amounts of fatigue on enemy units with me Trapped skill.
Turn 3 and 4 was when the real action started, with lots of melee happening, I charged Alans warriors and found that when they are exhausted they can not issue challenges - YAY. I also charge into some of Johns Viking warriors, in return John charges into mine but comes worse off. I also use Exhaustion skill to gain some more points using them on Alans over tired troops.

I went on to win this game as my spiritual Advisor proved very useful in allowing me to get double rare dice for trapped skill, and my Noble Linage allowed me to another Rare for the Lords of Battle skill I rely on so much.

I think I was on 24 points where as Alan and John were on 16 points each - so was a solid good win to me.  -  with the exception of the challenge mission (for which I was doomed in) I am loving the Spiritual Advisor Warlord option.

Well that wraps up the first days action , we went back to the hotel with some takeaway dinner and a game of Ticket to Ride, then with the 3 of us all falling to sleep in front of the TV we went to bed at 9pm ...... been up since 12 am though !
More to come on day 2 soon.