Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Next tournament for me is Nicon, which is the North Island Champs. This year it is held in the lovely town of Thames in the Coromandel area over Queens Birthday weekend.

I shall be heading up with my brother Andrew and wargaming mate John Fletcher so should be a good trip. We will all be entering the Saga tournament this year with myself using my Anglo-Danish force. My brother is either taking a Strathclyde or Spanish force subject to making up his mind. And John is using Vikings.

The event is over two days with four 6 point games on the Saturday and on the Sunday was two 6 point games and then two 4 point games. So very much a full day of playing Saga games.... should be good.

Front - Priest Warlord with monks behind
Center - Warriors, Hearthguard, Warriors
Rear - Warriors

My Anglo-Danish force will be made up of :
Spiritual/Religious Advisor Warlord - I find this warlord priest version the best version as it gives you more saga dice for very little effort, he is rubbish in combat so will need to keep him safe.
2 units of Hearthguard -  Will combine these into one unit of 8.
3 units of Warriors - Most likely to be run in two units of 10 warriors with one unit of 4 warriors (lurking at the back)
1 unit of Angry Monks - Will need to be carefully placed in order to annoy my opponents enough to attack them in their turns thus giving me the useful Martyrs ability.

I have yet to finish painting two units of Warriors and the Hearthguard unit but hopefully have these finished soon. I will also have to make up some baggage train pieces for the escort mission. One idea is to have a large cross on a wheeled cart, another one is some livestock ($2 shop should be ok for this) and maybe some pagan prisoners perhaps for the third - or even a witch burning platform.

But happy to report I have now finished my Danish Warlord/Spiritual advisor - the model itself is the Welsh hero Maredudd ab Owain but he looks the part of an older but all knowing religious Warlord - and he has an axe as well - maybe not as long as the Dane axe as he should have being Danish, but he is rather too old to be swinging around a huge axe !

Until next time then.


  1. Nice warlord. I wonder how many people will include a religious adviser in their warbands? It will be interesting to see how the Crescent and Cross rules interact with the original dark age warbands and how everything balances out. Good luck, and looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

  2. Im sure your baggage trains will look great once done. My rule book arrived today so will be reading up to make sure i dont forget anything.

  3. Love your warlord, he's a tough old b@stard! Make sure to give us a full report. And if I get a vote, tell your brother to take Spanish. Iberia will give people fits.

    1. Yep that Iberia skill is very good - My brother has caught my warlord Priest napping with this skill, as I go to move a unit in front, then he politely says "wait" and double activates his HG unit moving across and kills him - very cool, but maybe only if not on the receiving end !

  4. Wow, wonderful minis, great job!