Thursday, 28 May 2015


Nicon Saga Tournament is this weekend, painting progress has been slow, but I only need to finish another 8 warriors off - done the base coats, just needs some black washing and highlighting layers to go - so hopefully all done by tomorrow evening.

I have made some baggage pieces, not entirely happy with them yet but getting there ,  I need to make up some wheels for my Carts - might make them from balsa wood perhaps as they had wooden plank wheels in them days.  Have done one wagon fulled with captured weapons and such, and the other one is a giant wooden cross on a wagon - being the pious Dane with my Monks and Religious advisor Warlord it works.  I will only have time to base paint them but at least they will be ready to use for the one mission.

Have only had the one game with the force but pretty sure how I am going to use them - The Religious Advisor will prove important so must protect him

Will post a report late next week I hope

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