Wednesday, 29 April 2015


I was looking through my games room the other day and thought it was high time for a clean out and stumbled across some old Warhammer Fantasy models that haven't seen the light of day for a many good years now - my Night Goblin Force - so decided to sell them, placing them up on trade-me. Told my brother that I was selling off some old models, so he has had a look in his attic also, and found his old 40K armies that he has had for a near 15-20 years now, so they are up for sale as well. I had a 40k Ork army that was themed on the Death skulls, painted them up with blue faces, all the vehicles were painted red (as red ones go faster of course), sold them off some years ago now getting a good price.

Warhammer 40K was the first wargames system we played and some of the first figures I had painted.  I haven't played 40K for at least 12-13 years now having then moved onto Warhammer and then later we found Flames of War and other interests to move on to. We both still have a small hand in Warhammer Fantasy games with a vast collection between us both of the old 5th edition Chaos Dwarves (with tall top hats) with over 4000 points worth at a guess of the evil stunties at hand. Also Andy has a Flying Bretonnian force that is based on WW1 German bi-planes, and two Choas Deamon  forces being Nurgle and Khorne , but these days the Fantasy models very rarely see the table top - too busy playing board games and Saga games !!

But mostly for nostalgic purposes (and for my own records more than anything) I thought I would record the many conversions we both did on our armies before they get sold off. So have taken some photos of, to share.

1st up is Andrews Warhammer 40K Emperors Children (Noise Marines) Army. Andy had used some very bright colours with this force as be fitting the theme of these guys, bright pink and yellows and blues and these chaps are proud of them.
Hilarious with outrageous colours I had almost forgot how bright this army was !
Andy had won best painted army with this force back in the day of competing with this army and its easy to see why as his conversion and painting work is all top notch.

The army in full
His Chaos Lord and Chaos Sorceror

Noise Marines - Blast Masters and Doom Sirens

Converted Chaos Rhino with Sonic blaster added

Choas Lord Biker on heavy converted Outstretched Wheels - Bad Arse

The Very Pink Land Raider - complete with Lego radar scanners !
Andrew also had a Iron Warrior with Plague Marine army (now sold), these guys could dish out some firepower with their multitudes amount of firepower they have and with their toughness and resilience in the Plague Marines they lasted out in combat. He also had the Fabulous Bile character and his cursed unit bodyguard

Next up is my Night Goblin Force, It was a complete night Goblin force with not an Orc insight - my highest leadership was with my Night Goblin Lord with Ld 7 !!

Needless to say that the army spent most of its time running in the wrong direction fleeing the battle field, but it was both humorous and the vast horde approach was a lot of fun to play. Most of the models are converted up in some way or another

Some of my Goblin rank and file units - mostly spears and shields and short bow units

  (left) Mighty 2 headed Giant 
(right My Night Goblin Warboss Niblet

(above) Some Stone Trolls

My Night Goblin Spider Riders

My Night Goblin Chariot (acting as Wolf Chariots) - they stole the doom 
wheels from the pesky Skaven tunnel rats

Some of my numerous Snotlings

One of my Squid herder units 
these units my the punch of my army
(well that's if it didn't run away that is)

Also here is some of the remaining 40K Orks I kept from my vast collection I had in the days of old , mostly the Warlord and his bodyguard unit left - with me selling the rest off, many moons ago.

The Mighty Gathrog Warboss in his Mega-Armour


  1. Hi

    This is a long shot after three years, but are those Stone Trolls still available? Thanks, Leigh.

  2. Hi Leigh , sorry mate sold them already, thanks for looking though