Thursday, 26 February 2015


Having followed our success of the table top we made late last year for our Saga games (found at link here), Andy and I thought we would make another one, but this time theme it on a desert base for the Cross and Cresent Saga faction battles.

Terrain board with some splash of desert paints and some scattered soft sand and scrub scattered about.

Table size is 4" x 3", with an old 10mm MDF sheet cut to length and some Polyfiller and paint added we have a table to play on. Andy placed some grass tuffs and some pebbles in places but kept it to a minimum, with the idea of being able to place terrain on top when required.

We also made some more desert themed buildings and painted them up to match, they came out very well I think.

Now I only have to start my Moors force in order to start playing on it !  ... will have to order them soon but still waiting for the Warlord and Camel mounted models to be released !

Until next time

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  1. Looks great Mark, and those buildings are excellent. GB are a bit slow getting their models out! I though they'd have as much as possible ready to cash in on the rulebook release.