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I have now played a fair amount of games with the Moors Saga Faction from the new C&C book, I will no doubt start collecting sometime soon, so thought I would share my thoughts about them and do wee review (similar to the Rus Princes review I had done earlier in the year, press here for link if you interested)

First a wee history lesson on the Moor faction,
The word "Moors" was the European word for Muslims of the Berber or Arab descent.
The Moors came from North Africa, what now would be called Morocco, and crossed the straits of Gibraltar and invaded and conquered the Iberian Peninsula in the early 8th century. At the peak of their conquest they controlled most of now what is called Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Parts of Southern France and southern Italy and also Sicily. The religious differences between the Muslims and the Christian European's set into motion century's of conflict between the two. It wasn't until the fall of Grenada in 1492 that saw the end of Muslim rule in Iberia. End of lesson!!

What can you have in the Moors Warband then : The Warlord is always horse mounted, You can have Hearthguard but must be horse mounted and armed with javelins. Warriors can either be on foot or mounted on horse, if mounted they are equipped with javelins. The Levy can either be equipped with bows or Crossbows.

Due to their reluctance to fight in melee the Hearthguard are armour 4 in both shooting and melee, the mounted warriors also suffer this and are armour 3 in both shooting and melee.
Looking at the battleboard they have it favors the use of non-missile type units so unsure why you would need the Hearthguard units, well except for the obvious mobility I guess.

You can also have a Crusader Age Hero available to them. You also get a Black Guard Special unit that is a Hearthguard unit that fights on foot, (I haven't really looked that much into these yet, so can not really comment at this stage) so will cover these in the next post

The Moors Saga Battle-board Skills in detail then :

Corruption : Orders/Reaction skill that can only be used immediately after your opponent has rolled his Saga dice. Pick one unused Saga dice of opponents, Roll it and add it his/her pile. Take one of your own Saga Dice and place it on your battle-board with a rare dice symbol face up.
You may look at this ability and think that it helps the enemy just as much as yourself, you would be correct but spending a common dice in gaining a rare dice reaction/melee skill such as Fury of Swords or Discord in the enemy's turn will be worth it.

The Moors Gold : Orders/Reaction skill, Until the end of the turn each time your opponent activates one of his units that is more than M away of his Warlord, his Warlord gains one Fatigue.
This skill annoys any opponent - places lots of fatigue on the one of the most important pieces in the game, when combined with Doubts and Discord skills especially, it is very good. It doesn't quite work with some elite factions such as JomsVikings and the like as they don't tend to venture far from their Warlord choosing to bunch together in small groups, but once the enemy spreads his units out this skill comes into its own.

Doubts : Orders/Reaction skill,Until the end of the current turn, all enemy Warlords loose thier Determination, We Obey and Side by Side special rules. In Addition the number of Attack dice they generate (in both melee and shooting) is reduced by 2.
In a challenge Mission, and/or when the enemy Warlord looks like charging you use this to stop him in his tracks !!  Plus in a multi-player game this would come in very handy, as it affects all enemy Warlords on table.

Discord : Activation/Reaction skill, Use this ability when an opponent activates to rest. Add one fatigue to a unit within M of the resting unit (add two fatigue if Rare dice used)
This will stop the enemy units resting, especially if a rare dice is used ... heehe

Swongs of Drums :  Activate all your units that not equipped with ranged weapons
For the cost of two common dice this is very good skill indeed, and will dictate how one makes their warband units no doubt

Friendly Fire : Shooting/reaction Skill, up to half the casualties (rounded up) you suffer during step 5 may be removed from an enemy unit within M (that is not the shooting unit) instead of being removed from your unit.
Such a handy skill, you will have to be close to two units to use it but with javelin armed such as Welsh/Bretons and the like this is a must, and if you suffer only one hit the enemy has it, as hits are rounded up !

Impaling Spears : This Melee skill has a restriction where it can only be used if your unit has been engaged in melee and not equipped with ranged weapons. Your opponent can either choose :   All his units engaged have their attacks halved  OR  give a plus 2 bonus to hit on all Moors attack dice.
This is a very good melee skill, a unit of 8 Hearthguard charge your 10 Warrior unit, you opt to go all out attack instead of placing some in defence, you will get 10 attack dice hitting on 3's (instead of 5's) OR he will only get 8 attack dice of his own - either way its good !!

Fury of Swords : Melee Skill that again has a restriction where it can only be used by units not equipped with ranged weapons. Gain a number of Attack and Defense dice equal to a third the number of models in your unit.
Awesome skill ... especially combined with the Impaling spears skill above ..cue evil laugh.
Can also be useful for your Warlord and Hearthguard and even Levy for that matter, as thier is no restriction for armament type.

Dance of Spears : Melee/reaction Skill that once again has a restriction where it can only be used by units not equipped with ranged weapons. During step 1 of the melee all units engaged in this melee only generate halve their number of attack dice but gain number of defense dice equal to number of attack dice generated.
This skill is a tad different as it effects you and the enemy who charged your unit. But it will halve his attacks making him not so effective, you can combine with Fury of swords to get even more Defense and Attack dice as well.

Betrayal : Orders skill, Designate an enemy Warriors or Levy unit with 6 or less models and is more than M away from their Warlord. Until the end of the current turn, that unit is considered part of your warband. If he is not exhausted, the enemy Warlord may take three fatigue markers to cancel this ability.
Love this skill, although somewhat expensive with two rare dice needed but thats where Corruption skill comes into play as it gives one. 
Just imagine a unit of his 6 Warriors charging into his own unit of levy or small Hearthguard unit with both inflicting casualties to each unit and then placing fatigue as well on each.... priceless. Even if the warlord cancels it you win as 3 fatigue makes him pretty useless indeed with Discord and Moors Gold skill in play. The only way to effectively cancel this is to make big units but during the end game, this will no doubt come in handy.

Well there you have it, the Moors skills, pretty good overall I think. The fact that all the skills link together to get some good combinations going is the key for this faction. Now I just have to think what army style list to head down ... maybe need another post for that though I thinks.


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