Monday, 6 October 2014


The Pagan Rus force I used
Always ran it with an single 8 man Hearthguard unit
 two units of Warriors 9 strong and one Warrior unit at 6 strong
with 12 man Levy javelin unit

Well back from another great Saga event that took place a few weeks ago in my home town of Upper Hutt. We played 5 games in all with the final one being a 4 man multi-player game which was really fun to play.

I took the Pagan Rus force which preformed well, at times my Saga dice let me down while at other times they came through in spades. My Warlord led from the front and got himself into the thick of the melee as much as he could.

DAY ONE :   sorry no photos, I quite forgot about it unfortunately - but have some photos of the Pagan Rus I used.

Game 1 vs Bede Bailey and his Crusaders.
We played Clash of the Warlords mission, Bede had the new Crusaders Faction from the new Crescents and Cross book, he had his Warlord, an Enlightened Priest, 2 units of 6 mounted Heathguard, 8 mounted warriors and 8 foreign mercenary's.

Bede deployed his mercenary's and mounted warriors out front to screen his 2 units of 6 knights. Bede spent the first few turns rolling for his virtues, he spent 6 dice to roll for virtues with 6 common dice appearing - not a good start but he gained the Temperance virtue. The next turn saw Bede roll another 6 dice for virtues this time gaining the Justice virtue, I was at this point seeing the mistake I was making and letting him get his virtues in order, so I quickly begin to move up with my Levy and with Barren lands skill I shot at some mounted warriors killing 3 or 4 of them, also moved my warlord with side by side Warriors engaged his 6 Knights, my Warlord used Biting like wolves with Khargan skill and managed to wipe the unit out himself as he got 8 automatic hits !, but Bede killed 8 of my Warriors in return.
Next few turns saw the Mercenary's charge into the Levy killing half for little return, Bede then charged his warlord and knights into my 9 man unit of warriors killing most of them, this left my Warlord pretty vulnerable as he didn't have enough bodies around him to cancel his hits with, so Bede seeing this then charges his warlord into mine killing with his Ascalon and Birth of Kingdom skills ... very nasty with 5 extra attack and 5 Defense with re-rolls ... so hard. So I lost this game with my warlord dying to the Crusaders Sword - but he did manage to get 8 kills, so placing him on top of the list for most Warlord kills mini comp

Vladimir - the Pagan Rus Warlord
Game 2 vs Rhys Mudgeway and his Joms Vikings
Playing the new Last stand mission, Rhys's Warlord was Sigvaldi (Hero that starts on Wrath 1) with 5 units of Heathguard. This mission finds each player bidding for turns in which they think they would kill the entire opposing warband (not counting the Warlord) with each player bidding between 2 and 10 turns each - the lowest bidder would be the attacker. I bid 10 turns as I wanted to defend, and so did Rhys ! we rolled another dice with highest having no option but to attack with Rhys rolled a 6.
This mission also has the Endless warbands rule for the attacking force - this is when you have lost figures you can recycle them back on the board as long as they are a legal unit between 4 and 12 - this told me to only kill 3 in the first melee engagement then !
I set my army up in the middle of the table, Rhys then deploys in 2 groups of 8 and one of 4 Hearthguard in a huddle off to the left on his side. The game saw me move away from Rhys slightly and using my Frozen skill, I had limited his ability of moving twice with his big unit much to the annoyance of Rhys. I attacked his Hearthguard with my Hearthguard and Warlord killing 3 of them with my Warlord. My Levy shot at his Warlord killing him (which was a nice surprise) I also shot my levy at another unit giving him a new unit of 6 to bring on, which he did on the opposite edge - but this worked in my favour as I have a skill if a unit is more than M away from any other unit I can place as many fatigues on it for it to become exhausted !! this being 4 being HG models.... nasty
The game saw many melees with lots of Rhys models finding thier way back on the table for more action, at end of turn 10 I had only 5 warriors left !
Now I want to point out that  Rhys is only about 10-12 years old at a guess and this being his first Saga tournament I thought Rhys did extremely well, given the abilities I had available to me, and with the exception of my last turn I never let him above Wrath level 3, this is the key to battling the Joms I feel.

Vladimir and his 8 strong Hearthguard unit behind him

Game 3 vs Reg Newel and his Normans
This was Cross the River Fords mission, Reg had William the Bastard, 1 unit of 8 mounted Heathguard, 8 crossbow armed warriors, 8 bow armed warriors and 12 bowmen Levy ... so lots of shooting..... I feel Reg is not going to like my battleboard skills one bit after this game!

Reg deployed with only 8 crossbow warriors on the left side with all the rest of the force on the left with his Knights behind the levy bowmen. His deployment suited me as I could bottle up the left with my Warlord and Hearthguard and Levy , and deploy the Warriors on the other side to advance on the crossbowmen. Reg went first getting in some good shots killing 5 warriors on the left and 4 on the right. My turn saw a great winter descend on the battlefield so all movement and shooting was limited to S range - that and the Frozen skill stopped the shooting until I got into position over the ford on the left and placing my warlord and his bodyguard of Hearthguard on the right ford. Reg moved his Levy forward and shot at them but with my cold winds skill (gains fatigue for every 5 and 6 rolled) they soon become exhausted. The game saw me move my Warlord rage into battle with his Levy bow, then into the Warrior bow as well. In the end he accounted for 9 kills. I had moved my Warlord and Hearthguard and 2 units Warriors over the river giving me a comfortable win.
This was the perfect opponent with the perfect mission giving that I had Great Winter, Cold winds and Frozen skills , Reg should of moved his Levy out the way earlier and charged with his Knights, but I guess with Frozen skill up I would of easily stopped this with the second activation being cancelled and not being able to activate them again - must of been a tad frustrating for him.

So a very good day one in the end with 2 good wins and also 20 Warlord kills to his name

Warrior unit
Some more Warriors of the Pagan Rus

DAY TWO: Forgetting that daylight savings started that morning and having to rush to get to the venue being a good hour late, we missed the beauty pageant and only just made it in time for the first game..... phew

Game 4 vs Alex Martin and his Vikings
This was the new Assault at Dawn mission with Alex having the Harold Viking Hero and 5 units of Heathguard - my god.. why does everyone I face seem to have so many Hearthguard models !
This mission has each player using hidden unit markers, designed to keep you guessing what unit is what and gives a feel of there being dense fog on the battlefield. But with using markers they do not count as units as such so therefore do not contribute to gaining any Saga dice so with this in mind Alex quickly decided to reveal 3 of his units in turn one (the Pagans could see them clearly through the mist) moving up to reveal my Levy unit. My turn saw my Warlord, warriors in a building and 2 unit on my left reveal themselves. Spent the next few turns having a few melees involving Alex's Hearthguard charging my warriors with it balancing towards Alex, my Levy ran forward and hurled their Javelins, then my Hearthguard got involved with my Warlord killing another 4 himself. Next turn Alex went berserk with rolling some 5 rare dice and getting Ragnarok skill among others, from here it was downhill for me, as I couldn't roll any saves. With only my warriors in the building and a few others surviving.  Well done to Alex with a good solid win going his way

My Warlord is now on 24 kills (which I think was top spot) YAY!

The Levy Javelin men

Multiplayer game : This game was not part of the tournament standings which was wise, as it allowed everyone to play in a not so serious manner and bash about for fun - well that's what I did at any rate ! getting into the thick of it and mixing it up somewhat.

Wooden Oaths mission - a 4 player game where upon there is the red team and the black team, first turn 2 players are teamed up and sit together on one table side, player rounds are drawn randomly during the game turn. On turns 2, 3 and 4 players are able to secretly swap teams or stay the same colour. So you may end up with 2 against 2, 3 against 1, or even peace - where everyone picking the same colour ! On turn 4 you stay the same team until the end on turn 6.

At my table I had Nick with his Franks led by Charlemagne, Bretts Welsh led by Maradudd, and Haydens Byzantines. I was teamed up with the Byzantines and deployed nice and close to him with the idea of a wee back stab and swapping sides ... nice levy and armour 3 horses looks like a easy fight, and I want to team up with the Franks as they look a hard bunch with two units of mounted Hearthguard.
The game was a real hoot to play and saw a turn where everyone was at peace and then the next turn where upon everyone was against me ! The welsh player used his Taunt skill very well and saw me charge the Franks Hearthguard, as well as the Byzantine's players Steepe unit charge into the Welsh warriors ... very amusing. The others turned on me one turn ... I dont think they liked my skill "Endless Wastes" , "Frozen" and "Barren lands" that much .. hehehe. On turn 4 everyone ended picking the same colour so it was everyone for himself ! .
On the final turn my warlord used his Eastern Anger skill, where upon any unit within M of my warlord receives 6 shooting attacks Friend or Foe (including the warlord himself !)
So ended up killing 4 Frank knights, some warriors and 5 warriors of my own !
I love this skill when it goes off, scares everyone silly including myself - so have to use wisely. My warlord then had 3 attempts at killing Charlemagne but he rolled very good saves.. poo

Needless to say I come in last place, with the Welsh coming out the victor for this mission ... dam his taunting powers ... I think the Franks come in 2nd ... I was well behind in points !

Prizegiving of the Tournament

Russell (using Vikings) come 1st place
Brett (using Welsh) in 2nd place
Alex (using Vikings) in 3rd place
I came in 5th Place .. so rather pleased with that.
my brother was back in 8th place with his Bretons

AND for the Most Warlord Kills Prize going to ....... Me !!!  on 24 kills ... my closest rival on 22 kills so rather close.

and I took home a very nice Drinking horn trophy (I think my brother still has some of his home brewed Mead of his .... so no doubt be drinking it sometime soon with this)
also took home a 4Ground 28mm Norse Hovel/Workshop building as a prize, which was nice, I hope to have this assembled soon - will post some pics when finished.

My drinking horn trophy !



  1. Nice write up Mark, it was a fun weekend. Well done on the most Warlord kills. I think I came third in that, got about 18 but got off to a slow start with him. Hope you're drinking from the horn at every opportunity! :-)

    1. I think my brother delivered you most those warlord kills did he not ... kept feeding his Levy troops from what I could remember at him. Will be having some mead this weekend I feel

  2. Nice report, beautiful colors on these figures, love the basing too...