Thursday, 2 October 2014


With Sagacon been and gone (my After Action report to come soon on this) my brother Andrew has now finished painting his Breton force - so I thought I would take some pics and post/share them on here. Force consists of his mounted Warlord , 2 points of mounted Hearthguard, 3 points of mounted Warriors and some foot Levy. Entire army armed with Javelins.

Andy runs the Warriors in 4 groups of 6 warriors and one unit of 8 Hearthguard

I think they come up looking very good with some good use of colour and all hand painted shields.  I especially like the Hearthguard and the all White/grey horse unit.

Overall of army

The Warlord out front with Hearthguard behind

Hearthguard unit - all hand painted kite shaped sheilds

Some more Hearthguard

Warrior units with round sheilds

More Warriors

And yet more warriors

The foot Levy - always running hard to keep up with their mounted betters



  1. They're a great looking army, really colourful which I like. I don't like all those javelins though, those things are a major pain!

    1. Ha, at least you dont have to play against it every 2nd/3rd game - can be very painful, secret is to stretch your unit out to corner him in and then engage in melee