Monday, 1 September 2014


Its been a while since I have posted anything on here ! but I have a good excuss

 I have spent the last week off work on holiday with most of it sailing in the lovely Wellington Harbour, as my brother Andrew has recently brought a new Trailer Yacht - Elliott 7 class Yacht. The Elliott 7 is a Sports class Trailer Yacht that is 7m long (hence the name)  The boat is easy to sail (especially with us being mad keen dinghy sailors ) and can be sailed with a minimum of 2 to 5 crew, with 4 crew being the optimum for racing conditions which is what we eventually want to get in to.

Thats me skippering, I like doing the crew work mostly but
occasionally I get to skipper when Andy lets me!

Brought it in mid July and have been out in the harbour sailing some weekends weather permitting sailing with my nephew and father, but thought we would take a week off to get some serious sailing done, and what a week it was, very nice weather for this time of year in Wellington (usually its windy and wet), but we were fortunate to have a nice 10-15 knot southerly and easterly winds in sunshine for the most part with one day of variable 5 knot winds so very lucky.... even got sun burnt one day! well its not hard for me being a red head I guess

So we had got to go out sailing for 6 days over the time off taken, mostly 2 handed with just Andy and myself and 2 days with my Dad also sailing with us which was fun. Sailed around Sommes Island and Ward Island, off the shore of Evans Bay/Oriental Parade and even out to the heads one day.

Also to break up the weeks sailing we traveled up to Turoa Ski field for a day, which was a sunny clear mountain with a good abundance of snow ! was a good day but leaving home at 4am (3.5 hours drive) and arriving back at 8pm made it a very long day indeed, needless to say had a good nights sleep.

Blog Stuff to follow - SAGA and CALLS TO ARMS WRAP UP
So... I will endeavor to spend some time this week when I can to get some posts about War-gaming and such done. I have not done much painting but have made a start on my Rus Princes Saga force, also I have brought a copy of the new Saga Crescent and Cross book and I have to say the book is very good, it clearly defines the rules with good diagrams and is well worded compared to the original Saga book. The new factions outlined in the new book look great and I will soon write a review of the Moors Faction, as I am very keen to start this faction, they have some pretty good abilities.
Andrew and myself have spent some nights last week playing the new factions (using proxy models) and playing the new missions as well. Lots of fun especially with the new endless warbands rule in play (get to recycle your troops).
Also have to write up a quick review of my games I played at the recent FOW Call to Arms Tournament ...... so lots to do so stay tuned.



  1. I do miss the sailing i did in the sea cadets many years ago ive seen a few boats out on the harbour while ive been in town doing deliveries for work so i most likely saw you.


    1. If you ever wanted to come out sailing with us one day John, your more than welcome mate - give me an email if your interested. Cheers Mark

  2. You picked the perfect week alright! You should make a sailing board game, maybe a magnetic one, then you could play it while sailing without all the pieces sliding around :-)

  3. What a sweet yatch! I myself and limited to canoes and rowboats. :-)

    Can't wait to see your Pagan Rus. They can be a tough nut to crack!