Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I will be attending a 5 round Saga tournament this weekend called Sagacon. The tournament will be held in my home town of Upper Hutt and has 12 players registered which, while not as many as last year, will still prove to be good local turnout for the tournament. I will be using the Pagan Rus Warband from the Varjazi and Basileus supplement book. Andrew (my brother) will be using a mounted Bretons force

We had to give our Warlords each a name so hence fourth the Pagan Rus faction will be led by the mighty Khargan "Vladislav the 'Orrible".
Vladislav and his 8 trusted and most loyal Varjazis men with their best chain-mail armour and winter pelt coats will as always be rearing for a good scrap. Also his 3 strong units of his tough warriors loyal to his house will be assembled and ready to fight for their Lord. The Khargan has also demanded that the slaves of the village will join in the fun, no doubt they will bring along their javelins to chuck at the enemy before they scamper away and let the real men start their fighting in the dreaded sheildwalls of battle.

I have been using the Pagan Rus faction for a while now in games against my brother, so hopefully I will have a good understanding of the Rus battle board for the tournament. That's the key for being good at playing Saga games I feel, to have a good knowledge of own battleboard and a decent understanding of your enemies board so know what nasty tricks he can get up to.

So far we have the following factions involved :
Crusaders (from C & C book)
Normans led by William the Bastard
Vikings led by Harald
Vikings led by Harald
Welsh led by Maradudd
JomsVikings led by Sigvaldi
Carolingian Franks led by Charlemagne
and Pagan Rus

So, looking forward to the weekends gaming ahead of me being the only Saga tournament for the year, hopefully I can get some wins in there, but with only having played against my brother since last years tournament (get to play once or even twice a week lately) it should prove interesting to see how other players will play their warbands and what tactics they get up to.
I would ideally like to set up a Saga games night maybe each fortnight to play different people, but everyone always seem too busy during week nights, and the local wargames club meets on Saturdays which is a sailing day for us so can not attend, frustrating but oh well you cant have everything.

So wish me luck ! unless your a local and playing that is ...
then some smack talk in order instead !



  1. Good luck Mark, unless you're playing me, in which case terrible luck! Seriously though, it looks like being a great weekend. A nice spread of factions, and a good chance to get some intensive SAGA gametime in :-)

  2. Yep looking forward to it, Saga is always fun
    I was surprised in how many players are taking Heros of the Viking Age .. over half !!
    See you on the weekend.

  3. Good luck, I lost to the Pagan Rus last weekend. Not a board you see too often and hopefully it will be new to your opponent's as well!