Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Way back in July last year I posted an article on some painting my brother Andrew had done with some Star Wars figurines R2-D2 and C3-PO models, he has, I remember saying that I would post some more photos of the other models we have once my brother has finished basing them on a diorama base. Well its been close to a year now and he has finally finished one more of them !!  Cant complain as I haven't done any painting for months and months now !! :-(  ...So without further ado

Andrew has finished the base for Han Solo, with him walking through the the snow tunnels of Hoth's Echo base on the way to find Leia to board the Millennium Falcon and escape from Hoth.
Andrews done a great job on him, its his first time doing this large scale of human figurine and took him a few attempts to get the skin colour right.

He is halfway through finishing the Stormtrooper diorama base also, so thought I would share what he is intending for this one. Stormtrooper stationed on the planet Endor, so lots of ferns and shrubs, with leaf litter floor base etc, should look good once hes finished.

Also have to show you his Boba Fett figurine he has recently finished, he hasn't started the base yet but thought it was worth posting as this model looks awesome  !!
Love this figure all painted up and Andy has done another superb painting job on him.

Cheers, Mark

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  1. They look great. He's really captured the natural facial expression of the Storm Trooper :-)