Friday, 25 July 2014


The next tournament that is happening in my neck of the woods is the Wellington Warlords Call to Arms Tournament which happens on the 16th and 17th August

Traditionally the Call to Arms Flames of War tournament for a long time now has been a Late War 1750 point, but this year due to a change of umpires it has also been changed to a 1450 point Early war competition. Which for me is a welcome change, more early war tournaments the better in my humble opinion.

The Polish Infantry Force will answer the Call to Arms ! 

So, this year I had initially thought I would be taking my Vichy French Legionnaire Force to the next early war tournament but sadly due to my lack of motivation for not picking up a paint brush in while (I blame board games) and with time looming I don't think I would be able to get all of it done in time, so I have kindly told my brother that I will be using his Early war Batalion Piechoty army (Polish Infantry) I have not used them before, but have played many times against Andrew running them so will have a good idea what they are capable of. Andy is running some sort of Italians from Hellfire and back book.

Special rules include every early war players favorite ... Bypass unit. This rule is where one of your units gets placed in a special reserve and will come on the table on a roll of a 6, but will come on behind the enemy on a random board edge or corner. They can not charge in to combat on the turn they arrive but with 13 stands of rifle men it has the potentially taking out some body's weakly placed rear units such as artillery or mortars and the like, especially if placed behind their gun shields and they haven't managed to dig in ...... so I am looking forward to using this rule. Andrew has used it many times against me and you cant ignore the threat as you will forego a valuable point leaving your artillery unit unprotected at the rear while attcking.

So the Force ... 1450 points is a challenge to make work , but I think I have found a good list with 9 platoons total, all Fearless Trained troops so morale shouldn't be a problem - and the Polish 2IC team allows me to re-roll platoon motivations as well, so this helps and is a nice extra rule for the Polish.

HQ  - with CO and 2IC Rifle teams
Combat - Piechoty Company with 13x Rifle teams
Combat - Piechoty Company with 13x Rifle teams
Combat - Piechoty Company with 13x Rifle teams
Weapons - Piechoty Infantry Gun Platoon with Cmd Rifle team and 2x 75mm wz 02/26 guns
Weapons - Piechoty Anti-tank Platoon with Cmd Rifle team and 3x 37mm wz 36 guns
Weapons - Piechoty Anti-tank Platoon with Cmd Rifle team and 3x 37mm wz 36 guns
Weapons - Piechoty Scout Platoon with 5x Rifle teams - upgraded to Cavalry Teams
Support - Light Tank Platoon with 5x 7TP-dw tanks
Support - Light Gun Battery with Cmd Rifle, Staff, Observer and 4x 75mm wz 1897 guns

The list has a decent amount of AT 6 guns with 2 platoons of anti-tank guns, but I can also can use the bigger AT 8 guns as direct fire for the bigger tanks and stubborn infantry with FP 3+.
The 7TP-dw tanks have twin MG turrets with each one being able to fire ROF3 each (and at different targets) so are my infantry killers.

Also the Scout cavalry will come in handy being able to use recon deployment then move 10" and gallop another 4" so should get into positions to reveal GTG on certain things.
And as always the infantry will be the workhorse of my army, with 13 stands and fearless rating they have the staying power to soak up the casualties and stay in the fight.

Here is some photos of Andrew's Batalion Piechoty Polish army , he has based them as if they were advancing through one of the many marshes in Poland.

The Artillery battery


AT platoon Teal

AT platoon Red

Calvary scouts
Twin MG turretts !

Trotting through the mud

Dismounted Cav unit

Thanks for reading, Mark.


  1. Great looking army, Mark! I especially like the early war camo. And you can give'em hell from 2 turrets!

    1. Thanks Monty
      All that's needed now is a large Soviet Strelkovy company to walk in front of them !

    2. I can do that for you and if your lucky it will wave attack and you can kill it again

  2. Cool army Mark, looks pretty tough! I'm really looking forward to CTA. I haven't played much EW, just the Fracas one-dayer a couple of years ago. We'll probably play each other there again, I'll beat you one day! Cheers, Paul :-)