Friday, 30 May 2014


Its that time of year again ... My brother Andrew and myself will going to
Wellington's Wellycon Board gaming convention held over this Queens Birthday weekend ... yay !

This will be the third time I will be attending this event, looks to be the biggest event this year with something like 180 people already pre-registered, which is huge. Wellycon is a convention where people bring board games along and place them in a big library pool, where upon each person can simply pick a game that appeals to them and start playing it. If you have not enough players simply wait for 10 minutes and you will usually find someone whose keen to join in. The weekend is a good place to find and test new games and also find new people to play against. So I am looking forward to meeting some familiar faces from last years event and hopefully make some new faces as well.

I will probably only go to the Saturday this year ( but saying this that's what we said last year and managed to stay for the complete 12 hours for both days !!

Should be fun, if your in Wellington this weekend I might see you there !

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  1. I'll see you there, looking forward to it :-)

  2. ill be in wellington visiting my 2 brothers who have lots of board games some might come down with them an maybe see you there