Sunday, 4 May 2014


Andy and I went up to the BFNZEWGT which was held in Hamilton over Anzac weekend
Must say had a lot of fun, had catched up with some old mates from Hamilton's war-gaming scene and had some good tucker at Umpires house on the Saturday night.

Being a 3 day working week between Easter and Anzac weekend, Andy and I had decided to take them days off and gain a 10 day holiday out of it. So on Tuesday morning (after Easter) we headed up north from Upper Hutt and took our Fireball sailing Dinghy with us to do some sailing at Lake Taupo. Arrived about mid day and had a very good session of sailing at Mission bay with 10knot southerly's, with tent site on edge of lake to boot. Next day more good sailing and then on Thursday afternoon headed over to Hamilton.

Arrived in time to set up hall and terrain (typical) then back to Robs house for much banter and drinking of beer to the wee hours . Next morning arrived at the venue somewhat worse for wear (had a cold due to sleeping in a tent) but rearing to go.

My list I was using was a German Luftlandersturm (glider boys) that landed at Crete, so all fearless veterans - this incidentally is the first ever time I have used an all veteran list before at a Tournament. So having small elite platoons of pioneers backed up by some limited weapons was a struggle for me as it lacked some of the forgiveness in my more larger armies I usually take.
My goal was to use the Gliders in every mission if possible ... and with the exception for the last game I played (against Jap tanks) I had manged to do this ! so rather pleased with that aspect.
I always am the attacker in a defensive mission as well which was nice as I prefer to attack.

My list I used as follows
HQ - Co and 2IC
Combat - Luftlandesturm platoon with 7x R/MG Pioneer teams and 3 Gliders
(A very expensive platoon  that's almost a 1/3 of your army (450points) but with being able to 
glide down in every mission with a platoon too hard to pass giving it a go)
Combat - Fallsjirmpioneer Platoon with 7x R/MG Pioneer teams
Weapons - Mortar Platoon with 2x 80mm Mortar teams
Weapons - HMG platoon with 4x HMG teams
Support - Fallsjirmjager Platoon with 10x R/MG teams
Good for attacking with as its a large platoon especially when attaching HMG teams
Support - AA Platoon with 2x 2cm Flak 38 AA guns
Vital in the defense of planes and good AT with high ROF
Support - AT gun platoon with 4x Pak 36 guns
Need them for AT defense, just wish you could take more

First game was a No retreat mission against a Polish Mech Infantry list which didn't have any Artillery or tanks and only a few HMG teams but a bucket load of AT guns - lovely , playing on a table (above)  that was half ruined city and open space, so plenty of room for gliders to land safely, so I dropped in with the gliders which did what I wanted and attracted his ambush and distracted from the main assault from my foot slogging guys. The chap I was playing was new to FOW scene and was ok to play (but got a bit sulky at the end when things weren't panning his way) so I ended up with a 6 - 1 victory but was a tad lucky as he failed some vital roles when required to make them.

Second game was against an experienced war-gamer Dory Fisher (very nice chap which I have played before) so good to catch up with and game against again. The mission was a Cauldron so I was attacking.
The table was a lovely table to look at ... Mt Olympus (above) but the rules for each terrain piece was a tad harsh as it was historical table where the mountain was all rated as very difficult going - so no moving gun teams into or out of and tanks with skill tests. Dory was using a Fucilieri Italians and took positions on the hills. My random deployment put me on the main far hill in photo ...
Without going into much detail my gliders had a close shave of a flight path with one landing almost inside the train tunnel (very cool) but my AT assets could not move on hills so couldn't get rid of his M11 and M13 tanks easily, my glider boys with HMG's manage to wipe out one platoon of Italian infantry but having to assault his tanks was too much with 5 MG dice each in defensive fire .... so only managed a 2 - 5 loss.

Third game was against Marlin Fisher (older brother of Dory's) so another enjoyable game ahead of me.
Marlin was using his Finnish vet Infantry list ...I had to defend in a dust-up mission. My glider boys had let me down in this game as I had decided to drop on down in Marlins big pioneer unit as they were advancing too close to my weak side. The boys only got four hits in the assault and then got wiped out in return (maybe not such a good idea) the game was a close affair from there as I had two platoons within range of contesting the objective but could not unpin them both even with a re-roll (3+ is so overrated sometimes) 
The game was a 4-3 to Marlin.

The 4th game was against Ian Cameron's Italian tanks, have played Ian many times before and always been a fun opponent to face. His M13 tanks backed up by artillery and AA guns and limited planes were going to be hard matchup, with the mission being a Surrounded mission with me attacking on the snow table above. I had my hands full as he had his entire force on the table. My gliders touch down among one unit of tanks killing two but I miss the other two and he wisely backs off. they hid in a forest next to the objective with another pioneer unit but the M13 and M11 tanks with MG dice they have was too much for me too come out and assualt them . From then on it was a one sided affair with his planes arriving every turn almost wrecking havoc on my AT guns and Fallschirmjager boys.  I had multiple chances of getting points but he passed all his morale tests ... even his reluctant ones.. so wasn't to be. A well deserved and close game to Ian with 6-1 loss to me.

The 5th game was the best game of the tournament for me, against Sean Cullen-wright's British infantry. The mission was a breakthrough with Sean defending the desert hill top plateau (above). I moved my gliders onto the objective first turn, and had my first crash landing so far, with one team lost. The game had so many assaults and counter attacks involved with my glider boys in the thick of things. Sean had three platoons of U/carriers and after loosing two of them to my flamethrowers sat back and shot, but his Matilda platoon went mental and assaulted all in range. The end result was a 4-3 to Sean. A very enjoyable game.

The Final game which was a Pincer Mission, was against Dougal, a young player who was using a Japanese tank force, so was my first time facing Japs since playtesting them a few years ago. They are a hard bunch to crack, as they all attack at night and can move 12" still. I had to defend as Jap tanks are always attack as well, so with my limited AT and it was going to be a uphill battle. At one point I thought I had the game all wrapped up in turn two, as the Jap tanks decided to assault into my AT and AA guns which were not pinned down (I was thinking are you crazy) so with 8 shots from 2 AA guns and 9 shots from Pak 36 guns you are probably thinking that it should murder a platoon of three Front Armour 1 tanks right ! ... but nope only 2 bails which still are able to fight in the assault - killing both AA guns!
The next unit of Jap tanks assault my Pak guns - so another 9 shots of AT in defensive fire ... only bail one and kill one ........ it went all down hill from there, with my company breaking in my third turn.
So good game to the Japs, but dam I was a tad unlucky there I thought.......6 - 1 loss
Its a funny old game of dice sometimes.

So overall I was happy with the way my German Luftlandersturm worked. My Glider boys performed well, and with some more AT support in the way of 2 more AA guns and some limited airplane support I think the force would work better. Will have to drop the HMG and maybe the mortars but I think it would be a choice perhaps.

Overall in the tournament I was in the lower half of the tournament (20th out of 26 I think) but a enjoyable tournament all the same. We headed back to Robs house that Saturday night for a very nice dinner and whiskey drinking, then headed home stopping off at Lake Taupo on the way back for another good afternoons sail.


  1. Excellent write up Mark, great way to spend a weekend. Sounds like the glider boys lived up to expectations, always in the middle of the action, death or glory! Looking forward to some Early War at Call To Arms this year. Cheers, Paul.

  2. I agree nice write up - that Jap tank assault is my kind of play always fun when people go for it like that. Great to see someone using the Glider Assault rules. Did you consider Parachute assaults as well? Have always wanted to play those rules.

  3. Hi Mark, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Visit to check out what it's all about. Cheers, Paul.