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Andrew and I got to play a Saga game on the weekend, Played my Anglo-Saxon force verses Andy's Strathclyde ponie's. Thought we would give 4 point battle a try since its been a while playing anything but the normal 6 point warbands, and get some practice for next weekends Saga event.

(Note - Andy is in the process of painting these models, so for proxies he has used his Fantasy knights and a odd goblin in their place - my apologies for them not looking the part)

Played the simple kill the Warlord mission. First time playing with the Anglo-Saxon's with only 4 points, so put together a list I thought would maximise Saga dice early on.
So Warlord, 2 units of 4 Warriors, 2 units of 12 spear armed Levy, and one unit of 12 Monks and a Bard.

Andy put together a Strathclyde list with it focusing on his off table units doing most of the work for him.
All his units are mounted have no shooting to speak of, but hit hard and fast in melee and can even retreat after this! So Warlord, 4 units of 5 Warriors with another 3 units of 4 Warriors being off table.

Being a tournament style game for practice we picked terrain pieces and placed as per the rule book - we do not usually do it this way as the table doesn't look very interesting in my opinion.
Table has a hill in middle, building on edge, and crop field in other corner so somewhat sparse.
Andy won the dice off for picking sides, so picks the side with the building ( I wanted that piece)

Overall deployment - pretty sparse

I place my units on the corner thinking I could advance up and protect my flank with the building there, so monks out in front and Levy on other side, with little units behind for protection.
Andy places his 4 units covering the whole board being more maneuverable than I  and wins the dice roll for going first.

1st turn - Andy )   The lucky bugger rolls 4 dragons from 6 dice (typical, why cant I start like this) and once orders are over ends up with 5 of them !!  I roll up Shoulder to shoulder skill and the Fyrd skill.

Andy starts well by using his harassment skill killing one of my 4 man units outright (ouch), then he charges his warriors into my monks with the Wild charge activation and Doomriders skill making for a total of 14 attack dice and 4 defense dice (nasty) but due to Should and Shoulder only kill's 5 of them. Using my martyrdom I roll up defenders of the realm and some combat pool dice.

He then moves another unit of ponies twice to hit the monks again and with his War spears and Bold attack skill gets 6 hits of which 4 monks fall down. - only 3 left now, not good.

Andy charges into the Monks

1st turn - Saxons)   Gain Stout hearts and Saxon kingdoms (make my levy into warriors) and use the Fyrd skill to gain 2 extra Saga dice.

My Levy (or should I say Warriors!) charges into the pony unit to take revenge for killing the holy monks, and thanks to Clash of shields generates 17 attack dice so cut all five of them down, haha take that you heavens. Andy misses all his attacks with needing 5's due to his fatigue I used to raise my armour. I also move other units up towards the building.

My Levy OR should I say Warriors charge into his pony lads

Andy 2nd turn  )  He uses his off table Harassment again but only kills one of my 4 man warrior. His Warlord and side along Warriors both charge into my Levy on right and again combines Doomriders and Whirlwind skill and manages to kill 4 Saxon Levy - I only manage to kill one pony in return. They use the Outmaneuvering skill to retreat back to safety.... Nice

The result of Andy's 2nd turn - I'm not looking to good for numbers
Saxon's 2nd turn  )   I only get 5 dice with no Helmets.  So my warlord now yells at his Levy on the left to charge the ponies milling about the farm building (a very nice building for the period, must be Roman!)
I throw in my Defenders of the realm skill but due to me fluffing my dice rolls, I only kill 2 ponies

Levy charge into the pony around the roman building.
Andy 3rd turn  )  He repeats his harassment skill and kills my 3 man warrior unit (I truly suck at cancelling hits) His Warlord and side along Warriors both charge into my Levy on right yet again and combines Doomriders and WarSpears but miraculously I all save, and then promptly miss with my own attacks. He backs away but uses his Outmaneuvering skill to retreat back further. He then charges down my Bard and kills him !! - not looking to good.

The Strathclyde Warlord and Warriors get stuck into my Saxon Levy.

Photo of Andy's horde of attack dice (white) and his defense (red) above
with my puny 2 attack and one defense - Good lord

Andy charges down my Bard - who's going to tell the story of my Warlords great deeds?
(who am I kidding I am going to loose this so maybe its good to kill him 
why pay him to sing songs of my doom!)

Saxon 3rd turn  )  I only generate a measly 2 Saga dice - yikes -  as the Monks are to far from the Warlord and all my Warriors and Bard are now dead. So with this I decide to place two dice into the combat pool and charge my warlord into his knights but due to myself having fatigue he lowers movement to 4" so not quite making it into contact and stops outside 2" of the unit ......my Warlord milling around in a huffy puff grumbling to himself .....

My warlord charges the pony's but Andy uses my fatigue
against me so lower's his movement to 4" .... aaaarrrgghh 
must be all the pony poo I have to step around

Andy 4th turn  )  Let me guess the harassment skill - Yep and targets my Warlord this turn with 8 attack dice !!!! but luckly I still have 2 in the combat pool , so have 2 extra defense and save all the hits, Haha
Annoyed with this, Andy charges his Warriors into my warlord, but due to only two against one rule he only generates 9 attack dice and 4 Def dice, I save all the hits again
So two great attempts to kill my Warlord and fails .... lucky save here I think

Andy's warriors charge my warlord but he staunchly lives on
(takes more than ponies to kill my warlord)

The situation looks grim for the anglo-saxons
only have one unit of Levy above ten models now

Saxon 4th turn  )  I get another mighty 2 Saga dice .... and activate the Truce and Overlap shields so a rather boring turn for me but manage to rid most of my fatigue on all units.

Andy 5th turn  ) Andy now targets the monks for harassment and due to my overlap shields he only kills 2 of them. - I manage to get Defenders of the realm with the martyrdom ability..nice.  Andy then Wild charges into my Levy killing 4 of them ... for none in return

Saxon 5th turn  ) I now have the monks in range so generate 3 Saga dice - I get off Saxon kingdoms but decide to activate in Andy's next turn. So with this the warlord rests and hand the turn over to Andy.

Andy 6th and final turn  )   I indeed activate my Saxon kingdom skill turning all Levy into Warriors (effectively saving my Warlord as I can now use Resilience ability and transfer wounds) . So with doing this Andy now totally ignores the warlord and targets the monks and Levy units, killing one monk and one Levy. He also brings one of his off table units on the table. ... about time as they count as dead giving away victory points at the end of the game otherwise, but then again I don't think he has to worry too much.

Saxon 6th and final turn  )  Well its all or nothing so I charge my mighty Warlord into the face of Andy's Warlord, I activate my Bretwalda skill and also one combat pool dice for 6 attack dice, but Andy saves all and he misses to hit ... rather dissappointing, as he was all alone and only needed two hits to kill him.

My warlord charges the big man and his red horse- both hit each other with their handbags !

The final positions at end of turn 6 - there isn't many of the Saxons left
Both forces leave the battlefield to the lonely monk who pray's over the dead

So down to victory points to determine the winner as neither of us killed the warlord -
I killed 9 warriors on table and two units of 4 warriors off table so end up with only 9 points... not looking too good for me I think.
Andy killed 11 monks, the Bard, 8 Levy and 8 of my warriors  so 15 points total ... WOW.

Andy had a great win, never underestimate his off table units as they can be deadly when combined with his skills, be good in the Ford mission as well I think. They may be mounted on little ponies but the Strathclyde are nasty little buggers - I will have my revenge!

So not a good game for the Anglo-Saxon's after all, with little in the way of rolling the much needed Helmet dice I could not use my better skills - but this was not the main problem as my deployment and unit organisation let me down, as the little 4 man units could be easily picked off by Andy's Harassment skill (quite forgot this annoyance when I made up the army list) I don't think my list works with 4 points, might need to give it more thought or even go Anglo-Danish for the event next week, as 4 points for these guys could work rather well OR maybe the Rus Princes even - haven't painted them though.

But all in all a very enjoyable game as always - lots of laughs 
Hopefully next time Andy will be playing with his proper painted force.

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  1. Nice report Mark. Looking forward to catching up with you guys on the weekend and playing against some different forces. Not so sure I'm looking forward to all their nasty tricks though! Us Normans are simple folk, just gallop up and stab you :-)