Friday, 31 January 2014


Got my Anglo-Saxon Warlord painted and also painted up some shields for my Levy troops. Rather colourful shields and all hand painted, so rather pleased with them. Although I don't like the Warlord's model pose much (with his mouth open) but it looks ok with it based and painted - I have got "Alfred the Great" model now and may well use this guy, and have the other one as my Anglo-Danish Warlord (just got to swap the sword for a DaneAxe)

Anglo-Saxon Warlord

The Anglo-Saxon Levy line - where have those Warriors gone !

Still got to put some shields on some of them (those lot shown with spears held up high pointing forward double handed) - will put the shields on their backs maybe or even on their front forearm ?

Next up on the painting desk is a unit of Monk Levy.

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  1. Looking good Mark. Quite a "levy heavy" force, should be interesting to play with and against.