Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I have been looking ahead at this years New Zealand War-games tournament calendar, I don't see myself attending nearly as much events as I used to, with summer sailing regattas/races, windsurfing and other interests such as board gaming and the like all clashing with the dates. But at any rate, probably best to nut out a rough guide so I can look at painting options and not be overwhelmed with painting an army last second (who am I kidding ! this always happens)

Only thing on the agenda is Paul's Hootenany get together in TeHoro, of which I have heard it may be a Saga event this year which will be fantastic. I will be running my Anglo-Saxon force with some Monks with it maybe - Will have to get some more painting done !

Natcon - held over Easter Weekend in Christchurch - I will not be attending :-(
This will be the first time I will have missed out on NatCon (New Zealand's Nationals) since I attended the Hastings Natcon way back in 2001 - so 13 years of going to Nationals (doesn't time fly). Seems wrong to break a tradition, but Andy and I are both fed up of Flames of War at the moment with it offering only mid and late war (No Early War !) and with it being in Christchurch and also at it being a lower points level than normal (1550 LW and 1450 MW) - it doesn't really appeal to me so rather disappointing.
I might try and organise a small Saga get together at my house one day over the Easter break instead, would be a shame not to play wargames over Easter after doing it for so long !

BFNZEWGT on 25/26th April in Hamilton
I will be attending this for the first time, should be fun with it being an Early war event, and I am looking forward to it. I haven't seen the Hamilton lads for a while now and it will be a good chance to catch up and banter over games, and hopefully play some board games as well with some of them as we will be staying in the school Marae. I would like to run my Vichy French Foreign Legion force but I don't think I will get any of it painted in time, so it may well be a good time to run my German Luftlandersturm Glider force. All I have to paint is the 2cm AA guns for this force and its all done.

There is Nicon (North Island Wargames convention) being held on Queens birthday weekend at the end of May in Tauranga this year, but unfortunately this will be on at the same time as Wellycon (Wellington Board games annual convention) so think I will be attending Wellycon instead.
Have been attending this for the last two years now and it is a lot of fun as you get to play a fair amount of different board games and great way to meet new people over a friendly board game environment. If you like to play board games I recommend you give it a look - its held over two days offering 12 hours of fun each day (Andy and I are usually their for the whole two days) Theirs always people looking for other players even if its in a teaching mode type games - so great for beginners.

Panzershrek Doubles tournament - always a good laugh being in a doubles environment, Andy and I seem to do quite well at it, having always taking some rather bizarre army's in the past.
This year will be no exception with Andy and myself taking a double Polish Armii Krajowei (Uprising army) These guys will be a lot of fun to play with gammon bombs and Piats a plenty, throw in some home made Mortars and some conscript Artillery and Panther and Hetzer tank and you have a good all round force.

Fracas - 600 point FOW event held in Wanganui - hopefully it will not be a specific theater this year as this is usually very good little one day tournament to attend. Fast quick games with only 600 points, so 5 games all up and your usually stuffed by the end of it. Didn't attend last year due to it being the Battle of the Bulge armies only (didn't have any having most of my armies on the East Front.

Call to Arms in Wellington - Unsure whether I will or not (so bloody expensive) ... If I do go it will be to the Late War Flames of War tournament , be a good chance to try my KV-1e army or maybe my SU-76M army. Went to it last year in the Fantasy event, it was fun for a change but the prize pool and trophy hand outs for the event was pitiful. I heard most of the other events were the same so disappointing in that respect.

Rallypoint in Hamilton - haven't been to this for two years now, mostly for it being on the same weekend as a sailing regatta, but may well  be considering heading up this time. Its always been a good road trip event in the past with good laughs on the way up ...... all depends on the date and if they clash with sailing and if its an early war event or not - I could always try and get my Vichy French painted for this at any rate.

Sagacon in Upper Hutt  -  this is the one am very much looking forward to, enjoyed it immensely last year with my Anglo-Saxons. Good players and great atmosphere to make enjoyable games, especially the multi-player game. Will have a new army up and running by then too !

So not to much in the way of Tournament events this year for me, but not too bad.
 Hopefully I finish my painting projects and stop buying even more !


  1. Good summary of the year ahead Mark. I can only see myself attending Panzerschreck, Call To Arms and possibly Fracas on the FOW front, and equally looking forward to Sagacon. I'm thinking of hosting two game days this year, the first one for Saga and then one around May/June for FOW, but doing something different for it, like an Infantry Aces day, or setting up some tables with specific armies, scenarios and terrain to change things up a bit. I thinking of having everyone pick a side (Axis/Allies) and then playing on each table (the armies stay on the table). Hopefully it will be more of a test of table top skill than list-building prowess! I will email the usual suspects in the next few days...

    1. Sounds good, they did a similar event for Call to Arms five or so years ago , think they called it a Morganfest where everyone teamed up with someone to build two lists to fight each other with a historical theme and appropriate terrain to fit the battle and left it on table. Then players moved around different tables playing different army's/battles - Andy and I put together a Mid war Soviet vs Finn Battle in road block mission - was a lot of fun.

  2. well ill cya at some of those events im sure look forward to seeing that Kv-1 army in late war they will be cheap so lots of heavy tanks. Im looking forward to nationals this year shame you want be there cant wait to try out my Heavy assault gun listIS2 Hq, 4 ISU122, 3 ISU152, scouts and 10 OT-34/85.