Friday, 6 December 2013


SAGAcon tournament tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it. Have only played 5 games so far but it should be fun. Painting wise I haven't finished as much as I had hoped for, having finished just 3 units of Levy. I was hoping to get my Warlord done and maybe a small unit of warriors ... but to much happening this time of year, what with Christmas and summer fast approaching

There is an array of different armies going, which is good to see, which include
1 x Viking warband - only one which surprised me - with all Hearthguard units
3 x Normans - well represented with this many , of which one has 53 models and mostly made up of shooty stuff and a small horse units - going to be hard
2 x Byzantines
2 x Jomsvikings
1 x Scot
1 x Norse Gaels
1 x Anglo-Danish
1 x Franks
1 x Irish
1 x Pagan Rus
2 x Anglo-Saxons - my fellow Anglo-saxon player has a somewhat different army to me with 5 Warrior units and a single Levy unit, will be interesting to see how he will run it.

I think the Normans will be a hard opponent with all the shooty bits, as will the Irish. A fair amount of players have taken Hero's as well. I could of taken Alfelstan but maybe next time, best to keep it simple for now.
Maybe of been better off with buying a unit of bowmen, and a mounted warrior unit as well maybe, but I guess that's the mistake of buying an army before you play it, you dont know any better!

We had to name our warlords for the tournament, so with this I announce "The Mighty Thadeous" with his small band of sixty warriors/levy band of Wessex men.

The tournament is only 4 rounds now, with missions as follows
The Challenge
Sacred Ground
Battle at the Ford
and Clash of the Warlords

With a another end game (separate from the tournament results) being a 4 player Wooden Oaths Multi-player game - so this should be a lot of fun and has separate prizes.

Will post the results next week, with some photos and an AAR report of games played..


  1. I'll be intrigued to see how you do... I have some fledgling Saxons waiting in the wings...

  2. Good luck for the weekend, looking forward to hearing how it goes.